• Could anyone give good advice on the purpose of flipping- what’s the strategy, purpose, anything on it really?

  • @Juno to sell players immediately after you have bought them in order to make a quick profit: As you are new to share buying, by your question, here is the one and only rule:
    Do NOT get involved in any circumstances, until you realize how volatile it is, and that there are traders out there, quicker than you think you are, at selling before anyone else. Just read a lot here for weeks, and take it all in.

  • @Juno buy low and sell high! And if possible hold for ipd’s

  • @Ollie @NewUser60452 cheers lads. When you say quickly- As in 24 hours or would you hold for the 30
    days for IPD? Would you instant sell then or put them into sell queue?

    Been here awhile but flipping never interested me so just curious as to what other traders do.

  • @Juno Really depends what the plan is with each particular flip.

    You could get on a hype train early like with Jack Grealish and get out before the end of the game.

    You could look ahead a find single match days and buy players you think others will want on the day and sell before the game is even played.

    You could buy for IPD and get rid once they have played there last eligible game.

    You could see a star player get a injury and while everyone is panic selling them, think which player will benefit from this. Buy them early and wait for the market to hopefully think the same.

    There are lots of different strategies and tactics to flipping. The key is to work out a clear exit point before you buy in.

  • @Juno flipping seems like a fast easy way to make profits or atleast i thought that when i first joined but it actually takes an awful lot of time and research. Plus it only takes one bad trade to undo ten good ones. My advice is that it can provide a crash course in better understanding the market but could cost you it taught me that patience and faith in youre selected players worked better for me but I definitely learned a lot trying it

  • @Misto @Black-wolf cheers men and why does the spread differentiate so much on players, how do FI decide on the spread?

  • @Juno there are various factors but when a player is on the rise the spread shortens or on the decline it widens but the huge spreads can be noticed most on the more volatile players though

  • @Juno realistically, buy strikers who are currently below 50p. As soon as they score, wait 12 seconds and sell to market. You should be okay.

    You could make a killing.

    You could get burnt.

    There's a matter of seconds in it to be honest. You need to get updates quicker than the market, have faster fingers and be lucky. Particularly after the share split, there's plenty of potential. But I wouldn't bank on it. It's dangerous!

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