IPDs to be paid daily? Anyone received?

  • Kevin Volland has me in the wonga and I'm sure plenty are earning off of Stuani.. anyone know when divs are paid?

  • @Lukeroro below is the email I received regarding the changes to IPD payments :-

    *The way we pay out In-Play Dividends has now improved!

    Going forward starting on Monday (01/04/2019), we will be crediting Traders’ In-Play Dividends at the end of every day, similar to Match Day Dividends and Media Dividends.

    Please note that In-Play Dividends won between 26/03/2019 and 31/03/2019 will continue to be paid using the old format, and will therefore, be credited on 03/04/2019*

    Hope that helps bud.

  • @LukeMalla turns out I had the futures for 34 days.. glad I didn't throw a wobbler to cs!

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