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  • I will start by saying I am biased, as I have purchased a few Aaron Ramsey shares, but I am confused as to why his price keeps going down; I first bought at £1.32, then more at £1.06 and more at £1.03, each time thinking I was getting a bargain as the price would surely bounce soon (prices adjusted for the now taken place SS). Today's price is 88p! I am relatively new to the platform and am learning all the time, so most price moves I have come to understand, but this one leaves me baffled. Current injury not withstanding, I first purchased before he signed his contract with Juventus, so as I saw it, there was a good player with likely MB, but the price kept dropping and has since continued to do so. Does anybody have any theories as to what I am missing? I think this one is a lost cause, but anything I can learn for the future would be good to know. Cheers!

  • I'm no expert - but to give you my view on Ramsey it'd be a combination of 3 things :-

    1/ He's moving away from the PL. That will mean less coverage in this country, which limits his MB chances.

    2/ He's moving to a team with Ronaldo in it. That's quite a hurdle to overcome in terms of PB. Not impossible, but he has far greater chance of winning PB at Arsenal than he does at Juve, even with his possible increased playing time.

    3/ As I said in "2/" his increased playtime is only a possibility imho. Juve aren't exactly struggling without him, so to me it's not guaranteed that he'll be starting every game. Based on his rumoured wages, he should start a LOT of games - but nothing is guaranteed.

    These are the 3 reasons I wouldn't buy him. Others may see him differently, and that's fine. And hey - I might be completely wrong on all 3. He might become a sensation in Italy and become a Juve legend in the next 2 or 3 seasons and you could make some good money off of him - and I wish you well in that.

  • @NewUser222836 I recently bought for the PB at Arsenal and what I would expect some MB towards end of the season especially his last few games including the one that will be at home. I expect he will take part in europa too so right now I think it’s not a bad buy especially at 88p. He may get some MB in Italy too especially his first few games but I’m happy to buy and hold for a while anyway

  • Thanks for that, interesting to hear. The move away from the UK I had thought about, but the Ronaldo link hadn't really crossed my mind, although that does make sense and I think I vaguely remember reading something on another forum discussion about someone else, so is probably something I ought to consider more in the future. Much appreciated.

  • Thought I'd dig an old thread out.

    Aaron Ramsey has 8 ipd games in next 30 days.
    6 for juve, of which 4 are at home!!


    and 2 for wales against Slovakia and Croatia.

    Hes only just got himself fit and into the starting line up, If he stays fit throughout then I would expect to see decent goal/assist returns potential .

    The 1st game for juve at 2pm today is againast SPAL who are in 19th place, conceding an average of over 2 goals a game so far this season!

    All this for only £1.29!!

    :disclaimer I've held 100 for a few months but just added another 100. 😁

    That's my Saturday research done!

  • @Dan-w said in Aaron Ramsey:

    If he stays fit throughout

    You nailed it right there, going on his past record it's almost IMPOSSIBLE, on a positive note he seems to be playing 10 for Juve so that should seriously boost his matrix scoring. I sold him into the Juve transfer speculation with the intention of buying back once he settled in but I think above £1 he's a bit of a risky punt & there's probably better value elsewhere based purely on his high chance of hobbling off at anytime.

  • @NewUser159387 high risk high reward...
    I agree with some cheaper options about but timing is vital on these as they get flipped so much.
    I'm a lazy trader and got my 1st batch of 100 at £1. I don't think he will drop all that much even after a bad performance like some of the cheaper players, Ive tried dzeko,Lewandowski, etc in the past and timed it wrong.
    I've done a similar thing with Ronaldo and dont worry about the flip as I know there will always be an opportunity to sell whilst earning divs.
    Ramsey may get Media for Wales if bale doesnt show up.

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