OGS first Man United line as man behind the wheel

  • Didn't know where to put this so started a new one, I'm not just saying this because today's defence is all English, but I've got a feeling Ole Gunnar want's to invest in English, so Sancho, CHO, Maguire worth keeping tabs on, no i don't hold them all.


  • Good to see Rashford back fit. Hope he is properly fit

  • @MrWh1te definitely, hopefully United run riot today, United players have been dropping in a period we've seen huge price rises.

  • Not the best 1st 10 mins but playing better now.

  • I like where your head is at with the English theme for our beloved Utd, @Andy-M.

    I'd love to see CHO and/or Sancho sporting Utd red.

    Harry Maguire would slot into either of those CB roles easily. Don't see it happening if the rumoured £90+ million price tag is genuine though. He's decent, but is he really worth that sort of money?

    Again, if the papers are to be believed Aaron Wan-Bissaka is rated at £40million by Palace. He'd be a great replacement for Ashley Young. About time Utd had a proper RB.

  • @Andy-M Maguire I think is first to join. Sancho has world at his feet but I think will stay at Dortmund for two more seasons and hopefully keep Munich on their toes. CHO is a tricky one, but if he does not get minutes he will be gone due to player power

  • I don't think Maguire is any better than Smalling

  • @Ericali Smalling I think doesn't capture the news but has became more solid over the years. But Maguire I think is more eye catching bringing ball forward and the goals too.

  • @Clover @Ericali i was surprised Smalling wasn't included in the England squad, I think he's been fairly sound this year.
    For me, Maguire would replace Jones, although he's not 80 or 90 million by a long shot. Varane may be a better and cheaper option although not sure he'll move now Zidane's back at Real.
    Who else is realistically going to be good enough to get in the Man Utd team though?

  • @GregF Koulibaly! But money is astronomical now. After Neymars transfer fee to PSG. It made £100m seem not so much haha!

  • @Clover the thing that worries me is how damn good Bailly was before he came to the EPL, now he's just an average defender that gets subbed after 20min, that's why I would prefer Maguire he's a starter every game in EPL and England, but £90mill is a joke.

  • @Andy-M Bailly is running out of time to show himself. That long injury took alot out of him. There is no limit now in football. Look at Chelsea's Kepa/ Manager for £70m!

  • Smalling is a very underrated CB IMO. however I would chose Maguire over him.

    He is defensively at a similar level to Smalling, but I think he has the ability to create goals / counter attack from the back, and adds a goal threat. Something Smalling (and most of Utds current backline) lacks.

  • @GregF if it's a choice between 80-90m for Maguire or 100 for Varane then it's a no brainer.

    Also, I wouldn't mind Alderweireld at a cheaper alternative at 30m - would certainly do a top class job for a few years.

    Play him with Lindelof or Smalling & see who's styles gel. 👍

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