Dominic Calvert-Lewin

  • As an Everton fan DCL has been on my radar for a while and I've held him for quite some time now as I think he has big potential and is regarded highly within Everton circles. Just wondering what people think of him and where everyone thinks his ceiling is in terms of price?

  • I have him, surprised he hasnt took off yet, but he's a long term hold for me and there is huge potential over the next 2 years

  • @NewUser36408 yeah same for me, he was the first player I bought when I signed up as I was shocked to see his price compared to some of the other English talent around his age

  • Admittedly I haven’t seen a great deal of either, but I find it strange that Lookman is much higher than DCL

  • @Chris-J Both are good young talents but I do agree it should probably be the other way around as DCL has more first team exposure and has scored more goals. Lookman is more of an exciting player though which I guess is valued more on here?

  • Both young exciting talents, sadly Silva prefers Walcott to Lookman.
    DCL is getting a decent run in an under performing side. If he bangs a few in before the end of the season, he could well be a good hold.

  • He doesn't play like a striker though. Too much sideways and backwards play. I know ability isn't always the biggest factor here but I can't see him taking off anytime soon.

  • Good young English talent but that's as far as I'd go right now. Haven't been overly impressed with him as he hasn't got any particular outstanding attributes but leading the line relatively well in a flaky Everton side. Next 18 months are huge for him.

  • Good to see the big man getting a feature on Sky there

  • Price has been pumped up by "Insider" as I saw his trades go through a while back so watch out for the dump peeps😉

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