Football Index Infographic Clarity

  • Hello fellow Indexers. I hope you all having a good week end.
    I saw the Football Index Infographic released a few days ago, where it showed great growth. However on the number of traders it wrote 135,000-can someone clarify if this is active traders? (e.g. someone logging into account and traded within a timeframe of say last 30 days).
    As I know we were on over 200,000 trader sign ups a very long time ago.


  • @Clover Yes mate it's active users, there are over 310k usernames on the Forum so 45% active users.

  • @Andy-M Thank you. That is a very high active user rate.Im sure slot of early traders who dropped out, may have interest 're awakened once Football Index becomes known to the general public around the trading countries.

  • @Clover I was wondering about this, as it didn't seem to make much sense (too many for active users - too few for sign-ups). Now I think it may be sign-ups during that period; ie; 135k people have registered (and deposited?) during this season.

  • tbf if you average the total no of signups mentioned in those three years (ie 225,000) by the £289m trading total then it averages out that folk have spent around £1,284 on their portfolios... obvs some are much higher... many (especially those that haven't stuck around) much less.... so i wouldn't be surprised if that was about right???

  • @Keegans-Bluff That would be my guess as well.

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