• Now that they've been relegated (RIP Huddersfield), do you think there's anyone in that team who could get a move away? I'll think that they'll have to release some players anyways as most clubs do when relegated

  • @Rhys-F
    My knowledge of Huddersfield is somewhat limited, however from what I’ve seen the only player I think could stay in the Premiership is Aaron Mooy.. Possibly Billing

  • You want to buy players from a team that has been relegated? In March!!

  • Karlan Grant, age 21. Only played 6 times in the PL in a terrible side but has 3 goals.

    Worth keeping an eye on - unfortunately, he hasn't IPO'd yet.

    14 in 28 for Charlton this season too. 👍

  • @Zidave Just exploring every avenue haha, I was more just intrigued

  • @Rhys-F - I admire your thinking outside the box.

  • I'm not too sure if there are any names that will attract much interest from the prem teams. It will be interesting to see what happens to Fulham if/ when they go down.

  • I am a Huddersfield fan, we have had an awful season but a bit of info for you about possible players below

    The Danish Three (Lossl, Zanka & Billing) - have all expressed they are too big for the club and want to leave in the summer (hence why all three was dropped from the team and bench yesterday) I don't think they will play for Town again. Zanka is a good Danish CB with International experience, Lossl is an ok goalkeeper prone to an error and Billing has been one of our better players but very inconsistent, he reminds me of a poor Paul Pogba in how he plays

    Kongolo - he is our record signing and was our best player last season when he was on loan, this season he hasn't been great but he's young, good amount of game time for Feyernood and Monaco and played for the Dutch a handful of times, he could move on if the right team come in for him

    Mooy - he is too good for Town, it will be a miracle if we keep hold of him, I imagine a mid table Prem side (West Ham, Watford ETC)

    Mounie - lacked goals and confidence this season, he was great in the French league before we bought him and scored a good amount of goal, he could return back to France

    Grant - I think he will stay, he will be a very good championship player (not IPO'd yet)

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