Michel and Jack harrison

  • So ages ago for some strange reason I bought a few shares in michel. A mid fielder playing game after game for real valladolid. Or so I thought. If anyone can be bothered looking. FI now have I'm down as a real Madrid legend born in 1963. That's right I have been holding shares for a 56 year old ex pro. After checking and re checking I have just sold the at a loss for me but a gain for FI. Well done FI good for you. Also has any one notice they have 2 jack Harrison s on the index. I have seen this with other players as well.
    Just putting my observation out there.
    It will be just my luck if michel starts trending today. Lol

  • The michel listed will be the current michel (it has the right picture) it just has the wrong team listed. They really need to sort that as it is absolutely infuriating how much of that kind of thing there is on the index

  • Yeah I spotted this one a while ago. It's still the same player you bought. There's been some sort of update of players data and some now are showing info of different individuals of the same name.

    Whether it's there's some sort of programme pulling this data or it's a know nowt apprentice girl googling a list of names...

    There's one player now showing the birth date of a Chicago house DJ.

    If you've taken a loss because if this confusion then I'd be tempted to get on to customer services for a refund.

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