Sarri for the sack?

  • If he don't win today he should be booted out on his arse they've sacked managers for a lot less than underperforming and being stubborn . No CHO or hazard + bad result = the end

  • @Jad1982 unsure to be honest. He's dropped an underperforming Hazard who clearly has his heart set on Real Madrid and people think CHO will do miracles week in week out. He's 18 and Sarri is bedding him in. That's not being stubborn it's good management if anything. No one gives Pep that much stick for not playing Foden (I appreciate they're top of league so is a little different). If CHO started week in week out it could do more harm. I'm not saying he isn't talented nor he shouldn't start here and there but its alot easier to come off the bench to prove something rather than consistently putting in the performances. We don't see how he trains either. Sarri has taken them to a cup final, still in Europa. People need to look at the wider picture

  • If Sarri was to be sacked, does anyone think we’d see a flood of money going into Chelsea players, in the same way we did for United when Mourinho got the bullet?

  • @Coleyscrooge depends on who comes in. I could be wrong but I actually think he will give Sarri time especially if they get this transfer ban

  • Man city are playing well and have been all season and to say he dropped hazard is a bit much he's on the bench after playing 2 games for he's country and Willian an led to didn't and how's that working out for them right now 0-0 at half time and no shots on target come on be real Chelsea are underperforming and he's has a kid who most think is good enough but he wants to bed him in slowly and it will get him the sack and he is stubborn for playing with lout a striker half the season cos he doesn't like Giroud who starts for France btw.

  • @Jad1982 I meant he was dropped to the bench but either way he hasnt been performing to the best of his ability not a chance. CHO is a quality player im not doubting that and I like giving young players the chance and he is. Most teams will not just throw 18 year olds into a starting 11 week in week out. I believe he should play RLC more but I don't personally like sacking managers left right and centre

  • Cardiff fans singing "we want Sarri in" haha love it.

  • 2-1 Sarri out...we want Sarri......oops.

    Can't wait for Warnocks interview

    offside goal, no red card....

  • Shocking refereeing to be fair.

  • Sarri got out of jail there basically.

  • So Sarri brings on Giroud at 0-1 down and the Chelsea fans sing 'you don't know what you're doing' followed by 'we want Sarri out'... Chelsea (all be it with a bit of luck and a blind linesman) then go on to score two late goals and win the game... Chelsea are now one point behind Tottenham (who's manager btw is apparently a genius) and one point behind United (who's manager is also a genius)... Arsenal who are level points with Chelsea but with a game in hand could go third tonight with a gaffer whom many gooners are yet to warm too?

    Are we too quick to point the blame to the gaffer? OK Sarri left a few 'fans favs' out of his lineup but there could be several reasons for that? I get he doesn't do things the way 'YOU' want him to but could anyone else really do any better playing the style and side YOU demand? Conte perhaps? Maybe Mourinho?

    As a football club Chelsea disgust me for the way they do things... Now as knee jerk as the owner himself the fans are becoming the same... What is it that you want???? A Gaffer who plays Callum Hudson Odoi??? A gaffer who wins you trophies??? A gaffer that plays the 'Chelsea' way??? Because I'm confused as to where Chelsea go from here if they do relieve Sarri from his duties? Super Frank Lampard after a 6-1 win against Rotherham might be the answer because the likes of Conte, Mourinho, Hiddink, Ancelotti (with 23 league titles between them) are certainly not good enough... But realistically is ANYONE going to make you any better than one challenging Arsenal, Spurs & United for third because City & Liverpool are streets ahead of the rest simply because they have the best two coaches and best players in the league.

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