Time out

  • If you take a time out do increases in players value stop? Or is it just that you cant personally log in deposit etc? For example 24 hours will the player still be able to increase?

  • do you mean responsible gambling ?

    Its a minimum 6 month Time Out period.

    This is from the T+C's

    All remaining funds within the customer’s account are returned to the customer, minimum refund value of £10 applies.

    Just make the right decision for you mate. Sounds like you're already considering it.

  • To be honest I just wanted to stop looking at the site, Im a real fan of the site however I find myself looking at it to much, is there an option to stop log in for a certain time period? But dont want to take players out or change anything.

  • Do you have a virus checker? Add the site to the blocked list.

  • @Sebastian If you take the timeout for example 24 or 48 hours then the players will still increase/decrease whilst you can’t login. 6 months as someone else said is for self-exclusion and not a timeout. Obviously though if someone serious happened such as a player breaking their leg, if you held that player you wouldn’t be able to do anything whilst taking timeout since you know you can’t login. I often take 24 hour timeouts to stop constantly checking on the app.

  • Thanks guys will have a 24 hr break :)

  • @Sebastian good luck mate. Do you have someone who could change your password for you that you trust to get you logged back in in a week or so?

  • I have done time outs for 24hrs and 7 days, a great option when you need to step away from the platform briefly

  • Although the self imposed time-outs seem like a good idea, as @TeamGB mentioned if one of your players broke his leg or worse you would want access to the site.

    The simplest solution is to simply log out & show a bit of willpower.

  • @Ericali said in Time out:

    The simplest solution is to simply log out & show a bit of willpower.

    This 'simple' solution clearly shows a lack of understanding of problem gambling and addiction.

    The purpose of the 'time out' facility and other methods is to help individuals who lack the willpower to stop when the gambling becomes problematic.

    I'd love to hear the advice you would give at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting ... 🤑👍

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