Yannick carrasco

  • So then, will he move back to europe or will he stay in china??
    I think a lot of the money in him right now is based on him making the move, his wages must be an issue but other than that i cant see why he would stay in china with so many teams after him... personally i could see him at Man Utd and obviously that would see his price rise an awful lot.
    Im saying this from the outside looking in, i dont have any futures and im also not a united fan but just interested to see what people think?

  • Whether he moves or not there will be speculation and a good chance of price rises on the back of that.

    Between October and January I bought and sold him 3 times for nice profit just based on the speculation.

    Not currently owning any of him as I feel I've misses the boat a bit on the next rise. But I wouldn't advise against jumping on.

  • Yeah i had some in december and sold in jan at a decent profit, kept my eye on him since to be fair

  • @Bigfella

    Doesn't matter if moves or not it's all factored into the price already; currently @79 (237 pre ss equivalent). Screaming sell as anything other than a top, top club will result in a price fall & if he stays in China a massive fall will follow. I bought him at 72 (24p post ss) but have since sold for a healthy profit but to buy now at this level is complete madness - all downside risk & virtually no upside.

  • @NewUser159387

    I disagree. I bought in at 62p about 3 months ago (pre SS), and have been selling a small amount each week for a healthy profit.

    Reports state his girlfriend is desperate to move back to Europe and I feel he is a certainty to return to a Champions League quality team.

    There were media stories galore linking him to Arsenal in January, and I fully expect EPL links to start again when the transfer window reopens.

    I see him as one of the least risky options on the index at the minute.

  • @johnboywalker said in Yannick carrasco:

    linking him to Arsenal in January

    Assuming that works out, which I agree is credible, how much more than 79 would he be worth as an Arsenal player???

    I see another 10-15p possible but should he stay in China he might be worth 25p so risk a 50p fall against a 10-15p rise - terrible gamble IMHO.

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