Tosin Adarabioyo

  • Just wondering people's thoughts on him and if anyone has seen him play regularly? From what I've heard he has a big reputation and City must think highly of him to be paying him 30k a week. He's currently on loan at WBA and has been playing well from what I read. Worth a punt for 23p?

  • Stable hold defo one for the future.

  • City paying all their children 30k a week doesnt mean they think highly of them at all. Why not pay that for people who've achieved nothing? Same goes for all the top clubs

  • He'll probably end up at Barnsley one day... City's Academy is a money making scheme and is not designed for bringing young players through the system like it is at say United or Liverpool... Phil Foden aside they have no other footballer at that club who's made it through the system so i doubt sending a lad on loan to West Brom will turn him into the next Steve Redmond?

  • @dannypea Not just Foden. Don’t forget Richard Edghill. Serious player, a personal favourite.

  • Ive been watching him all season, had 1 or 2 decent games but besides that he has been very average even poor at some stages. I cant see him ever holding a place in the City team

  • @Timothee-Atouba hahahaha quality full back Edghill!!!! Was once close to an England cap if i remember right!!!

    TBF can't mention City graduates (all four of them) and not mentioned David White!!! he was a baller!!!

    I agree on the Boing Boing front... I actually invested in Adarabioyo last summer hoping he could break in to the City team with Otamendi and Kompany not getting any younger but then he got loaned out and after watching a couple of Baggies games (where i think he played right back) i soon decided to quit at a small loss... Ironically like with any player in FI if i held till now I would have been in profit but that money was used elsewhere and probably ended up down the drain of Advincula???????

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