Moved to prem (lost value)

  • Hi all,

    New to this and have luckily bought a few players that have moved to the prem (lacazette, bakayako) and won subsequent buzz off them over past few weeks.

    Now their value has dropped considerably(-15%) why would this be? Would you get rid or hold out?

  • Ideally, you buy low - like you did with Lacazette and Bakayoko and then you sell whilst they're high and then re-buy after their subsequent post transfer price decrease.

    You'll find the profit from doing so often far exceeds the Buzz payout, which is why users / traders often do it once they're experienced with Index tendencies / patterns.


    I had 100 Lacazette @ £3.11
    I sold 100 @ £4 (to market)

    Then re-bought those futures at £3.29 a couple of days later. The profit I made from doing so far exceeded what I would have yielded in terms of Buzz dividends by holding.

    Hope that helps.

  • This is all sound, I have been seeing this myself the two weeks I have been doing this I'm only £3.50 down from my £40 I've put in.

    Problem I have is how much should I put in in order to start seeing good returns?

    thanks in advance.

  • All completely dependant on your own personal circumstances.
    One thing I would stress is that you have to adjust your expectations in accordance to investment - Football Index is not a bookie accumulator. If you deposit £10 and turn that into £20 within a couple of months then you're doing great, just the same as if you deposit £1,000 and turn that into £2,000 within two months - either way it's still the same 100% return on investment.

    Initially, I'd recommend trading with a stake of £100 or so spread across a handful of players / futures. Trade in and out of positions using that capital, and in the process get to grips with market tendencies, movements and the intricacies of the Index before then depositing more to build a successful portfolio from there.

  • Must admit the advice does help thank you.

  • I reckon you should just keep playng with your £40 until you are making a profit. When you've shown you can make money then up your investment. There is likely to be a 10% bonus (ie put in £100 get £110) around the start of the season so maybe wait for that.

    However its a fairly unique situation at the moment with PB coming as there's quite a few players who may hike in price once it really activates.

    Re your original question. It depends on whether bakayoko stays a defender or is reclassified as a midfielder. I'm guessing its the latter in which case he's not really worth anything at all. Laca is probably worth keeping as he's a reasonable media buzz candidate.

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