City to replace Jesus with....

  • With Jesus having injured his knee ligaments and being out for a couple months, Arsenal appear to be uninterested in selling Sanchez in January who do we think City will go for as a replacement? Where's your money... try to justify rather than promote someone you own ;-D

  • Griezman

  • @NewUser85470 I think if city really want Sanchez and Sanchez wants to go to city then I think they will get him. Money is no object and arsenal can't really afford to let him go for nothing. He'll kick up a fuss if he thinks he can go.

    I think it was more that city know the league is more or less theirs barring a disaster second half to the season so now Jesus is out for a while they may push that bit harder to get Sanchez.

    They will have to pay far more for any other striker with his ability in today's market so might as well get him and weaken a rival at the same time.

  • Wasn't expecting Griezmann as an answer but would love to be in the room with Mourinho if City announced that signing! But then again he doesn't want to sign him anyway right ;-D

    I'm thinking Sanchez too but as a gooner I would rather he went abroad...

    There was also chat they offered Valencia 36m euro for Rodrigo Moreno during the summer but as with a lot of transfer rumours I'm not sure if I'd put my house on that one!

  • Well apparently Aguero wants to go back to Argentina but would he consider Atletico?

  • @NewUser85470 from his comments last night he seems content, don't believe Aguero will be used as part of a transfer or at least not until they have Jesus back.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if City haven't lined something up to take Sanchez in the summer? Ie because "money is no object" they may have already paid Arsenal £20m or so just to have first dabs... by the time he'll probably be the natural predecessor for Aguero who could move on? Do City need someone short term though? Probably not in the league but maybe in the Champions League if they are serious about winning that?... Looking at those that have not played in the UCL to give them a chance perhaps Icardi is best bet but does he contribute enough (other than goals) in the way Guardiola wants??? I would be surprised if anyone other than Sanchez comes in this Jan?

  • @dannypea Interestingly City could buy a player who's played in Europa League and register him, he'd be eligible for CL but it's limited to one player per team, according to UEFA rules so if Arsenal can be convinced to sell then Sanchez would be eligible. Unfortunately I don't think it will effect his FI price though - would be great to find a £1 player that City want!!!

  • Ah to be honest so used to seeing Arsenal in the UCL i forgot that they weren't this year so that might push a Sanchez deal through quicker then??? I do feel if Aguero is to go then maybe Jesus and Sanchez would need one other? That usually means someone who's been around and can do a job could be signed in reserve? Bakambu? Mandzukic? or even an unknown South American that has potential (similar to Jesus?) who they can slowly bring through... With City though, because they are so close to having 'the perfect' team, we are talking small numbers of signings rather than drastic inclusions. Although they could go the other way? Lewandowski? Aubamayeng? I wouldn't even put it past them trying to sign Ronaldo or Messi!!!

  • Mariano diaz. Young and scoring for fun.

  • Can see Monsieur Wenger liking him???? The next Joel Campbell perhaps???? ;-)

  • i saw a report a while ago that City are looking at Embolo.... he is under £1. but just coming back from bad injury.

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