Chucho Hernandez

  • “Chucho” Hernandez scored against Real Madrid tonight and played really well. Apparently he’s 19 and on loan from Watford? I’ve done a quick search and found “Juan Camilo Hernandez”.

    Nothing comes up for chucho, so just thought I would put it out there for anyone who was looking for him. 57p doesn’t seem like a bad price for his potential.

  • He's on the Index as Juan Camilo Hernandez, although he is known as 'Cucho' or 'Cucho Hernandez'. Probably one to try and persuade FI to amend the name of, as no one refers to him as his given name.

    Interested to see what happens to him once his loan is up at the end of the season. With Huesca going down, imagine that will be the end of his time there (helped them get promoted last season).

    I don't believe he has a Work Permit to play in England at the moment, but he has made his full debut for Colombia this season (and scored) - so hopefully not a problem if he goes back to Watford for 19/20.

    He is very highly rated by many - although hasn't had the best of seasons in a struggling Huesca side this season. Good to see him score a good goal vs Madrid though.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Agree. He had an even better season last year in the second tier and was linked with Barcelona at one point.

    Theres a general consensus that he will not play for Watford and will join a bigger team in the summer. Likely in La Liga in my opinion. Great prospect. I hold of course.

  • @Metropolis really? I haven't really heard anything about his future recently. What's the chat? Watford are an interesting one. Penaranda's another I've been following since he got his Work Permit for them - but he seems to have disappeared. I must be one of the few people to have seem him play competitively in England.

  • @Keegans-Bluff @Keegans-Bluff I’m pretty sure to get part Spanish nationality a player needs 2 full seasons in Spain (that’s how it works on FM). So at the end of the season he will have this.
    I’ve just bought some shares in him, so fingers crossed he lives up to the hype!

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