Selling advice for Piatek and Zaniolo

  • Still a newbie after 2months I need advice from the more experienced traders. With both Piatek and Zaniolo currently running at -16% (£80 and £110) do you cut and run and try to reinvest the £950 that would be left after commission or do you just wait it out. Piatek although he scores a lot he never worries the PB and Zaniolo has just gone off the boil like all of the Roma players. I have seen transfer rumours for Zaniolo to Madrid but that seems a bit early for him and with Milan not needing money I can't see Piatek moving. Option 1 - stick it out long term hold 2 years plus for both or Option 2 - sell take the hit and reinvest. What's the opinion? Before anyone says yes I understand 2 months isn't a long time but when they are consistently losing money every week it has made me ask the question.

  • Zaniolo is a really good young prospect and should either play a leading role at Roma next year or be transferred. Personally I do and will continue to hold long term. With value dropping you have very little chance of a market sell, so if you are going to sell it will be instant sell so you lose a lot of money on the spread and then regret it later.

    Piatek is a top class striker in form... But having just transferred to Milan there will be no media buzz... And as you say he isn't troubling PB. His price was massively inflated with the Jan move and now he is steadily declining to find his right place in the market... Which is essentially an IPD goalscorer. When he is in that price bracket along with Milkk, Ben Yedder etc I will gladly buy.

  • I guess there are three pertinent questions here.

    1. Why did you buy those players at old money £4+ in the first place? Was there a major factor that influenced your decision making that isn’t now present. If the answer is essentially “good form” then you are probably right in the decision to cut your losses and write it off as a learning experience, as it’s very difficult to profitably trade the Top 200 solely based on a purple patch in form. If however you see some long term rationale behind them, then 2 months isn’t enough time to chop and change.

    2. Where will that money will go? Do you have a shortlist of players than you’ve researched and feel confident are underpriced, or will you end up ploughing that’s £900 into the next round of hype picks.

    3. What do you think are the highest possible prices for Zaniolo and Piatek, and do you think a better ROI is available to elsewhere?

  • I'm in the same situation with Zanilio - long hold for me!

  • 120 down on Zaniolo but I will keep for the long term....I believe his time will come.

  • Thanks all for your response. I bought the players as they are both very good promising young players and yet still to peak. Both players offer up transfer opportunities to a top European side and i hope they will bounce back with a bit of patience.

  • I too have Piatek and a bit bemused at his decline.
    Got in at 4.80 pre split so down about 75p although not masses of shares.

    Recently scoring for his national side as well.

    In no rush to sell as if I did I know what would happen😉

    Some of these foreign players I am sure get forgotten about by many FI buyers and correct me if I'm wrong but do many people on here just buy shares in players they know like premier league and obviously top world stars and some just get forgotten about?.

    For instance and I don't hold this player but Alcacer for Dortmund.
    He was out for a good while but since his return is scoring goals albeit late goals but it is doing nothing for his price.
    Just baffles me some very good overseas players not getting the share price their performance deserves.

    Maybe I'm alone in this thought.

  • @Gazz127 not alone. Drops will happen as people move money into mb and players still in Europe, then big drops in alot of European players over the summer. Hold your nerve, top up on these drops if you believe in these players, and their time comes again. Also a pb win shoots them back up too. Christmas saw huge falls but i always knew they would rapidly rise again.

  • form is temporary class in permanent

  • I purchased both of these (probably at a similar time to the above) and have since seen drops (-0.14 on Piatek & -0.43 Zaniolo) but nothing to be concerned about in the grand scheme of things (my strategy is longer term than most)...

    I've watched a bit of Piatek and it would be easy to say he's going to be the next Lewandowski and Poland's next top striker for the next ten years (i did previously think this about Milik who will probably be his long term front partner) but you only have to look at his goalscoring record, he's a natural finisher and has scored goals 'everywhere' he's been so as long as he does the same at Milan i'm sure he'll go on to even bigger and better things within the next three years.

    Zaniolo is a trickier one, I missed out when I wanted to buy him around £1.50 and he went up to around £4 before i eventually got in... The reason i didn't invest initially was because knowing how young players 'always' take a dip in form somewhere down the line i wanted to wait for that moment... I bit too early, probably on his double v Porto and since he's been rubbish!!!

    I do however think there is enough to suggest that he could be a very top player indeed, but wonder if he follows the giallorossi greats like Giannini & Totti that he might just stick with Roma long term, because when they have one of their own that they are really proud of they seem to make it difficult to let them go, which would effect any potential transfer buzz?

    But as mentioned above, form is temporary, Roma not being in the CL might hinder Zaniolo but that said in the Europa League on a Thursday night he might get first pick in the playground for a lot of investors??? Good times ahead for both I hope!!!

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