Best stat sites

  • Hi all, apologies if someone has already asked this on here but I had a quick look and couldn't find anything.

    Just wanted to know what sites everyone uses for stat tracking? I've been using a lot of footyindexscout but then when I want to actually get players stats in terms of goals scored, assists, key passes, clean sheets etc I haven't found a reliable site yet and end up wasting a lot of time searching.

    Any recommendations on best sites? Especially one that tracks GK clean sheets as I always struggle to find that out

  • Hi.. Whoscored and transfermarket are very good.. Best of luck

  • @Karl thanks pal

  • “SofaScore” good little app for mobile, you can follow players to which is very handy .

  • @Giman78 have just downloaded this, looks very nice. Thanks!

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