Loris or Gazzaniga

  • As a long suffering spurs fan I'm getting close to the end of my tether regarding Loris.
    Made just too many crucial errors this season and Poch really has to think of a replacement next season.
    Gazzaniga hasn't let Poch down in the limited amount of games he has played and I'm wondering is it time for Loris to be dropped?

    Would be a bold move mind you.

  • @Gazz127 I heard the debate today on TalkSport about the errors Lloris has made and was shocked to hear that people would even question him as anything but Spurs first choice, but I haven't watched a huge amount of them this season and I have noted he's made a few mistakes (more than he perhaps has in recent years)...

    His biggest clanger perhaps in the world cup final but he got away with that one!!!

    I would always state form is temporary, class is permanant etc but can be a risky business for a goalkeeper? Perhaps a shake up wouldn't be a bad idea? as you say it would be a big call, but I still see Loris as one of the best in the world, not just in the Premier League?

  • @dannypea

    Thanks for the response and I agree with what you say but this season especially far too many clangers are occurring and it is costing vital points.

    Yes on his day he is up there with the best of them but he is now not quite classed as the best of them because of these mistakes.

  • @Gazz127 I watched bits of yesterday and thought it was very even so the mistake certainly cost a point but the damage for me has been in not beating the likes of Wolves at Xmas, and when they were back in with a shout recently, the likes of Burnley and Southampton... that's a possible ten points more you should have picked up but looking at the table although that would secure third place, it wouldn't get you any higher.. so what's to blame???

    I feel there's been potential for Spurs to hunt down the top two but perhaps not enough belief (or depth).. and whilst i believe they are the third best team in the league, by taking one eye off whats behind them probably down to the fact they've given up somewhat on those above them has left them in a bit of a predicament....

    Best Spurs can hope for now is third/fourth and a UCL spot and really you should only drop points against City but I would be worried about your current form? If they finish sixth is it a disaster? what then happens to Poch? If they do qualify for the CL next season then what is the target? I worry for all the exciting stuff going on at Spurs and for the nice way they play by winning ZERO trophies they'll begin to be a club that underachieves???

  • Spurs just keep doing the spursy thing and that is choke towards seasons end.
    You have to blame the lack of signings form the past two transfer windows.

    Since Kane came back from injury about a month back Erikson and Son have gone missing and if we had had some strength on the bench challenging the likes of Son and Erikson then it could have been a different matter.

    It seems for some of the players at spurs there is little jeapody in underperforming as there is little or no competition for our key forward players.

    Now it's Palace at our new ground and that is no gimmy.

    It would be criminal to not be playing Champions league football in that stadium next season.

  • Spurs fan here - Watching us of late has been incredibly frustrating! Sissoko could do with a lesson or two in hitting the target for a start! Doesn't he just remind you of the "old" Sterling when it came to facing a keeper!? Whenever I see him chargin at the goal with the ball, I'm shouting pass PASSS PASSSSSSSSSSSS FFS lol.

    Lloris has made some awful mistakes but when he's played, Gazzaniga has been well up there in terms of quality! But Lloris is still one of the best keepers in the world. Perhaps some competition could get him back to the top of his game?

    Agree with what you've said about Eriksen and Son! Now Kane is back, they just go missing. they seem to have made little to no impact.

    If we miss out on CL next season I'd be devastated, but ultimately, without major signings I think we've come as far as can be expected. The same thing has happened far to often for us to seriously be considered major contenders. We need strength in depth. But how do you get those quality players when they know they'd be second fiddle to the likes of Kane, Eriksen, Son, Alli, Lucas etc.... It's a tough old situation we've got in to.

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