In-play dividends

  • Hey ...I am new on this site so still within first month of owning players. Football Index has these in-play dividends for players in a portfolio that score or assist goals. I have players who scored and assisted goals but I got no dividends. Can anyone explain why?

  • they have been paying them out weekly, but if I remember correct as of today they will be paying them out daily

  • Which players, when did you buy them and which match/es?

    Until today, I understand the payments were Tue or Wed night - from today they are paid same day.

  • There are a few players.
    Mbappe scored yesterday. Aguero had a goal and an assist day before yesterday, messi had 2 goals. To name a few.

    I didn't get any in-play dividends for any of these.

  • you will get them in the week, probably Wednesday. all IP from today will be paid daily, prob between midnight and 1am

  • Thanks for the replies!
    Cool i'll wait till Wednesday and see what happens.

    Btw, is there anywhere we can view dividends history - as in when and what dividends we recieved?

  • @TheFinest Yeah, so all players will be paid out Tue/Wed.

    From today, its same day - so that should make it easier. As for a site keeping track of them all, not sure. I'd suggest checking the matches your players have played in since owning them - then look at your transactions and see if you have had any payments made.

    Enjoy the winnings :-)

  • In your portfolio it will show you what PB/MB dividends you've received for each player but that doesn't include IP. They have been sending weekly emails with a breakdown of which player had what, but I dont know if this will change as of today. be nice if they add this stat next to the current dividends payouts.

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