• Wanyama? A good buy of not. Was strong at the back end of last season! Seems to be back to fitness now, 72p seems cheep, Thoughts?

  • Very cheap, I’d expect him to be nearer to the pound. Lacazette looking really cheap too, expect he’ll rise up to over £3 when he starts scoring.

  • As much as I love Wanyama with what he brings to the mighty Spurs and all round solid stats with a mild goal threat I honestly can't see him outscoring Eriksen or even Alli, Dier and Winks on PB unless he grabs that elusive GWG.

    A fellow mate and Spurs fan disagrees with me and has bought into him more than anyone else.

    Don't mind being wrong on this one as it will mean he's back to his best :-)

  • @R9Kennard I’ve bought allot of Wanyama with the logic there ain’t any players better at that price or below he’s proven prior to performance buzz on Nov 1st but been injured I think he was very low on the player offer price a few years ago he was seen has the future of Kenyan football the guys a beast strong in the tackle seems full value to me

  • He can't win a MB and won't win many PB's in comparison to other (more attacking) midfielders but at the price he's relatively low risk if you are investing for capital appreciation... He might make you 20-30p profit per share by the season is out and won't lose you any more than 20p so in relation to others, can be attractive for a small outlay??? I did the same with Idrissa Gueye at 43p... He was out of form under Koeman but has since improved and became integral under Allardyce and will play for Senegal in the World Cup... He's not going to make me a millionaire but if I sell at the right time he should make me a small profit.... Call it a stocking filler!!!!

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