• Any thoughts on this one he's currently down 7p which is nothing I know and think he should be at least £2 but wondering if I'm on my own there and should sell now not because he's gonna drop or won't get my money back but because £2 is not realistic for him value wise. I set a £2 marker for him and dele alli and plan to sell then if they ever get there

  • @Jad1982

    ZZ likes him & at 22 he'll be the future at Real Madrid & if not will get a move to another big club - good long term hold IMO.

    Drop in price is because he didn't play, apparently being rested as he'd played in the international break should tick up again as he starts to perform on the field.

  • @NewUser159387 the drop in price came after he missed a 1 on 1 for Spain in last min by trying to lob the goalie and nearly cost them the match 10 mins later he was down 5p and not playing yesterday didnt help but I hear what you're saying though and glad I'm not alone in rating him highly he has all talent

  • I love Asensio, he’s one of my blue chip, long term holds along with Sane and Zaniolo.

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