Silent but deadly

  • Good evening my fellow posters, I have been on FI since the start of the season, however I usually follow threads rather than get involved in the chat. Could anyone advise on the following players whether you would bother investing or whether you already do and likely rises in them. I'd quite like to invest in younger players with potential of a small profit. Any help would be appreciated and apologies as I know that we have constant new threads very similar.

    Filip Kostic
    Jonathan Tah
    Amine Harit

    I currently am invested fairly heavily in Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, Sterling, Rashford and Sancho. So I'm a bit useless regarding 'unproven' players (although Kostic has obviously kicked on a bit). Any help of advice would be great. Cheers guys and girls

    P.s COYS, big 7 games left

  • I have Tah- decent PB stats in a very offensive team.

    Leverkusen on poor form, but that'll change. So if holding for possible PB win, keep.

  • @Westy top man, thanks for the heads up. My friend mentioned him who isn't in to FI but mentioned Hudson odoi before he took off as well and I don't particularly want to miss another little profit maker

  • @NewUser96351 I also hold Tah and agree with everything said above. Additionally he looks like he's going to be a regular for Germany and may rustle up some transfer spec if some of the bigger clubs come sniffing. All in all definitely plenty of room for growth from a long term perspective if you ask me

  • There were a couple of silent but deadly events in our house yesterday morn after a curry the night before
    Even the dog looked as though he was about the burst into tears such was the fall out.

    Usually they come with an advance warning - sounding something akin to a very opinionated duck with a megaphone.

  • @Advinculas-Index remind me not to pop round after your curry night

  • @NewUser96351 not the best time to get involved with kostic i woudlnt have thought given his 2 goals yesterday. I would have thought plenty of people got to the party before you? Maybe give him a bit if time for his price to settle back?

  • @NewUser96351 so you are the unseen presence I’ve been feeling 😏 0_1554152312757_B9ACCB7B-A28B-4537-AFBC-AF3AF2FC0FFD.jpeg

  • And ur user number suggests u didn’t join at the start of the season?

  • @Ringers I joined FI last year with £10, wasn't particularly interested to be honest, partly because I didn't really understand the concept. My friend showed me his portfolio where he had made 10k profit, which therefore made me take it up again start of the year. He has invested a ridiculous amount of money though, which I don't think I'd be able to risk.

  • @DaveE welcome back

  • @Ringers in a way I wish I hadn't, it's extremely addictive lol. Constantly wondering about leagues and players. Have to admit this forum is very useful at times

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