• When a player is involved in a transfer does his price go up?
    If so is that then the best time to sell?

    I am new to this game.

  • Hi, im new to this too, but been watching for a while the price of the players.

    Reading these forums I think it's all about your idea on how to 'play' the game so to speak.

    These are my simple rules:

    1. I stick in money I expect to lose, just like when I bet, so I can't beat myself up about it. Doing it this way, I expect it to take a longer time to lose my pennies then in a one off bet.

    2. I work to either a 30 day flip rule, a long term no matter what happens 3 year rule or I just need to feed my betting itch and stick it on someone I have a feeling about and once the player is 10% up ROI I put up for sale.

    So the best time to sell, is whatever your plan was when you started all this off.

    That's just my mindset, I'm sure lots of other people have loads of other ways they go about trying to make their coin.

    Bottom line, I am 9% ROI invesment on £400, better than any bank account and I have not had a single bet since starting, so not only have I not lost anything yet, I get to 'bet' so to speak every day.

    Even quick sales wipe my feet and I am no worse off, apart from not losing the £400 I would have having had the bets.

    I'm loving this, even when a player goes red......

  • @NewUser271342 depends on the transfer.

    The things to consider:

    Is the transfer big news and likely to win media buzz?

    Is the transfer going to be drawn out, so in the media for a long period of time... Increasing likelihood and frequency of media buzz?

    Is the player likely to have more or less chance of PB wins after the move?

    Those are key to understand whether the price will rise.

    Another rule of thumb for timing... Buy the rumour sell the fact (that's why you see a lot of players value decrease rapidly once a transfer goes through)... You take all the MB, during which time the players price goes crazy... Then people sell to find the players natural pb price point.

  • Hi, also relatively new compared to some on here but have been around long enough that I feel comfortable with the platform and am making a decent profit. Totally agree with everything said above, it really depends on your personal strategy and what your goal was when you made the trade.

    In terms of transfers generally though I think it is potentially a risky game as it is based a lot on speculation. There is a chance to make money if you get in and out at the right time but if you get your timing wrong you could end up losing.

    Having said that though I guess there are some win wins if you find an under priced player who is somewhat under the radar and then they get a bit of a transfer buzz their price should see a rise as well as some potential MBs (If the transfer is big enough). After the move they could be more likely to win PBs at their new club if it is a better fit or they are with better players etc. So I guess a win win win:)

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