• ive never been involved in FI over the end of season period. there is obvioulsy a spike in the index everytime we have match days but without these what is the general pattern, should i expect my portfolio to take a downward tur? i know there will be lots of transfer speculation which will probably help hold the top end of the market? any feedback would be much appreciated thanks

  • Trading will slow down... fact... and you might get a few taking out some profits leading to some falls in price across the board (you should really see this as a good time to buy) but on the whole, I own Neymar & Mbappe for example now.. I'm not going to sell them in the summer because next season they have a lot more dividend opps to come. So whilst you might see small drops in some of these players the bigger picture is that they should return back to normal and beyond come August.

    This summer the Champions League final is on the 1st June... The Nations League is a week later... the Community Shield is normally the first weekend in August... so only 6 weeks of boredome to compete with.... watch the tennis, take a holiday, go to Ascot or the cricket world cup... the football season will soon come around so just sit tight!!!!

  • Was thinking the same myself having never been a trader during the summer and last year wouldn't really count as the WC was on, so lots of match days / dividends etc. However it depends how you see your investment, mine is long term so I'll happily leave my money in over the summer with the big hitters picking up MB rather than fire selling to get hit with commission. All depends if you need the money for a holiday or something, really think FI will do something attractive to traders to keep their money in over the summer, looking forward to the announcement later this month!

  • i think you are right. FI should make the announcement with the summer in mind, they need to keep momentum after the share split. i'm personally also in for long term so not thinking of selling...
    although i will be buying a small crop of spain, france & england u21 players and take a keen interest in that

  • Personally I'm not going to be making many changes between now and the start of next season.

    I've got a decent amount of players who will hopefully get me some MB over the summer (top players and transfer rumour players). If any of my PB players drop then I'll most likely reinvest any dividend wins into them whilst they are cheaper.

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