Jack Harrison

  • Hi Guys

    never seen this guy play but know a couple of people say hes pretty good. surely at 30p he is undervalued??
    22 year old englishman, does he have a chance of getting in england u21's tournament?
    what are his prospects?

  • Very much hit and miss. Works hard and good attitude but goes missing a lot, although he has improved recently tbf . Cant see him making a very good England U21s tho.

  • @Toellandback

    you think Leeds will sign permanent?

  • @NewUser297399 The last month or so he has been excellent however took quite a while to settle in , interesting to see he is contracted to Man City until 2021 if he gets a chance next season will really fly.Could be a very interesting hold

  • @NewUser297399 said in Jack Harrison:


    you think Leeds will sign permanent?

    I think we would like to if possible but only if we go up or wont be able to afford him otherwise. No way he makes it at City though imo.

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