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  • Just got in from an early shift, off to sleep now. I'm pumping in £500 to top up my portfolio when I wake up on one player. So who should I go with? Messi, Pogba, Neymar...? Or possibly Sancho or CHO for potential summer moves. Leave a player below for me to stick my money on later. Player with most votes wins... As long as it isn't someone who is 39 and playing in Scotland (pub league)

  • @DaveE
    Neymar or will leave in the summer meaning both should get increased attention both on Media and Performance

  • £500 gives you 61 Pogba's. Pretty decent
    My suggestion would be Sterling - he's been great and is right at the top of his game at the moment. You can get 98 for £500.94. He's been my best hold since starting this wonderful journey!

  • Messi PB will lead to more MB. Neymar exactly the same but just younger.
    I have both, however I do believe Messi will be great for the next 3 years still. So it is a coin flip on both for me if I was to do the same as you.

  • Going with a different view … £500 will get you ALOT of Varane's (quick turn around profit)

  • Varane is a good shout I personally hold and bought just after share split last 12 hours have been gpod for me.

  • Varane has new contract all over it, risky.
    Sterling is the man of the moment or salah after his assist, a goal and he could rocket.

  • @DaveE Jack Harrison

  • I have a feeling the Real Madrid story will only gain traction, especially once the season has finished, and he (more likely his agent) will play the game for a wage increase.

  • I often get annoyed by Scotland's comparison with 'Pub leagues'... I think 60,000 at Parkhead & 50,000 at Ibrox most weeks would argue that this is not true... Not sure if i actually read a stat somewhere but pound for pound on population per matchday attendance Scotland is top of the global football charts??? Although I might have just imagined that???

    I get that Rangers winning 9 in a row was boring... I understand that Celtic winning 10 in a row is boring.. and i get that no other team to win a league title since 1985 makes the whole competition stagnant and repetitive like no other in top level football completely dominated offering little reward to anyone else outside the old firm... Scottish football does have a problem, I get irritated that the powers that be seem to not give a flying f*ck!!!!

    I have many questions to ask the SFA.. why this day and age is it a 12 team competition? why does the table split after a third of the campaign? Why do some teams play others four times and the rest three times? Why can the seventh placed team finish on more points than the sixth best and still be below them??? All this rubbish to get the same result time and time again??? The whole league is a mess!"!!

    I've proposed many times to the SFA in writing that a 16 team Premier League with a two up two down system from the Championship (with relegation playoff) and more importantly, a top four playoff to decide the Premier League winner with the highest placed team taking home advantage in both semis and final.. This would increase opportunity from two to four teams ever winning the title all be it still slim, but would mean that everyone gets to play each other twice in the regular season (no tedious Old Firm match played 4 times a season unless they play each other when it matters in a one off semi or final for the championship) and everyone can understand the simple structure to the league.. the more teams means that the likes of Dundee United & Dundee can face each other at the highest level whilst protecting those in the past (like Hibs & Hearts in recent years) who've had bad campaigns leading to what was in recent times, a stronger second tier than actual top flight (2014/15 rings a bell)...

    So that's the future of Scottish football sorted then!!!

    On another note... I still play pub league football at the ripe old age of 40... and the only resemblance I now see with this and the Scottish league is that most teamsin it now play on that stupid 4g crap!!!! The games changed people, even the pub league has moved with the times, so maybe the Scottish league should take a leaf out of the Old Dog & Parrots Book?

    As for the one name you request.... Mbappe

  • £500 gets a lot of Runar Runnarson... 13p for a first choice Gk and International. Only a matter of time before the market sees a price adjustment on keepers to find their ipd value.... Reckon a mid table GK, in French league, worth minimum 20p but maybe nearer 25-30p.

    I would buy 500 shares for £60 ish and the rest on Le Pog

  • @DaveE said in Most votes wins:

    playing in Scotland (pub league)

    Hey Dave.

    That pub league gave you arguably the best centre half in world football and one of the best left backs in the English Premier League.

    If only big Virgil drank at my boozer ... 🤣

  • Get yourself set up for the transfer spec cin the summer
    All defenders linked with moves in the summer and capable of scoring goals and assists

  • I kind of cheated and really didn't know who to choose between Messi, Sterling, Mbappe, Neymar. In the end I split £505 between Messi and Sterling. So if anyone is a betting man, get your money on mbappe and neymar as I know what my luck is like 😂

  • @johnboywalker talking about anything Liverpool related is still sore after what lloris did to me.

  • Pogba.....

  • I wont waste your time with my opinion, I'll just say Messi

  • Bargains ..


    Transfer and medium priced...


    Little more expensive I'd say...

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