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  • Thought i'd ask two questions in one here.

    1. I can't find a search field - am I missing something?

    2. Jack Grealish, price keeps rising, I have a 21.17% ROI in him, I bought him as part of my 10% segment of my portfolio.....obviously happy that he has doubled my target. Do people really think he's going to get a Prem move and be a 1st team player. Or is he at his 'level' at Villa?

    Over to you guys and girls.

  • The positive with Grealish is twofold in my opinion

    1 it’s almost inevitable that next season he will become a premier league player

    2 Once this happens he is bound to get a call up to the England squad as there is a dearth of creative Midfielders available to GS.

  • @Millerman I was discussing the Championship with my friends recently and there is always a team that comes flying through into the playoffs at the business end and that team so far has been Villa... so I wouldn't write off Grealish playing Premier League football next season without moving just yet...?

    Think the only issue is if Villa don't go up... do they have the power to keep Grealish, if he doesn't go will it effect his price? If he moves would it be time to get out on the spike as no doubt signing for a club like Spurs for example you might be seeing less of him other than the occasional bench appearance and Carabao Cup role?

    For what its worth I rate Grealish, easily good enough technically to be a better player at one of the better clubs... Does he have the temperament? Does he have enough consistency? Is he better suited to being a bigger fish in a smaller pond?

    As for the search bar... I haven't a clue where it is either???

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