Pedro Guilherme rising...

  • Anybody know the reason why his price has moved today? I've held him for weeks without any action till now..

  • Marca said earlier that Real Madrid had an agreement to sign him (until he injured his leg)... could be that?

  • I saw that awhile ago but it's old news... somebody knows something. Either way it's good for those invested I suppose! šŸ™‚

  • @Wiillaah

    Real agreed to buy him 6 months ago then he got injured before he signed. Said he was going to be back training March/April time so Iā€™m guessing the price increase reflects that. I hold 50 shares so Iā€™m hoping he keeps rising šŸš€

  • Brazilian league season starts on 24th April. I follow him on Twitter & he's put a few videos up in the last few weeks of him training.

    Looks good as new šŸ‘

    A month to six weeks of action & a few goals should see him back in the Brazil squad for the Copa's & after that I expect a European club to make a move on him.

    Hopefully Madrid or someone in the PL.

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