Football Index spreadsheet??

  • Hi,

    Anyone use the football index spreadsheet?
    Need help on an issue i've got


  • Well you lot are just too nice................


  • @Uncle-G hahaha hey, I downloaded it a couple of days back if you're talking about the footyindex scout one? I'm no expert but will try to help if I can

  • @TraderJ yeh that's the one, what do you do when you no longer hold shares on a player? I've got players on spreadsheet only because they've won dividends but it messes up the BUZZ ROI if you have no shares held but they've won dividends , any ideas?

  • @Uncle-G I may be wrong but I'll take a stab. I think on the portfolio and analysis tab you're only supposed to list the players who you currently have in your portfolio. So if you've sold a player you remove them from the portfolio and analysis tab and add them to the trading tracker. On the trading tracker it includes buzz wins so you'll get an ROI for that particular trade and also will be able to track the profit and loss you've made on all of your historic trades.

    Not sure if that's helped at all or if I've just confused things further 😂 but I tried

  • @TraderJ I am forever in your debt my friend, was deleting an entire row instead of just the name

  • Hey guys, apologies for not seeing this sooner. @TraderJ has got it spot on with how we intended everything to work :)

    @Uncle-G I'm not sure if you've already seen the user guides that accompany the spreadsheet, but if not, it's well worth having a quick read:

  • @Uncle-G happy to help, but I may come calling one day for repayment of that debt 😂

  • @FootyIndexScout big fan of the site mate, comes in very handy. Do you have any partnership with FI at all or did you just spot a gap in the market and go for it?

  • Couple more things, how do you know what your end of month Value will be?
    Am i right in saying for the first month you put your figure in the deposit box say £70 & also in total running deposit box £70 but only on first month,

  • @Uncle-G Hi mate, so end of month value is your current portfolio value plus your cash balance. And yep, that's correct for the first month you need to enter both values, and then for subsequent months it will total the running total deposit for you.

    Glad you are finding it useful :)

  • @FootyIndexScout Very useful, great idea & just getting used to it same as Football Index itself

  • Not done with yet lol
    Monthly Analysis Issue
    February / Deposit(70) / Total Running deposit(70) / Investment(70) / End of Month Value(72) / Monthly net growth (#Div/0!) Error is saying 'The formula or function used is dividing by zero or empty cells'
    What am i doing wrong?

  • @Uncle-G Ah ok, sorry for the confusion on that one. So because this is your first month, there isn't a previous month value from which to calculate the growth figure (as it's zero). Next month this will appear correctly as a percentage growth figure. But for the first month, it will always show that error message. Hope that makes sense!

  • @FootyIndexScout Hi yes february was my first month so trying to trace everything back now i've invested a bit of cash. So that error will always be on there but going forward everything will fall in place?

  • @Uncle-G That's correct yes :) You can delete the contents of the cell showing the error if you like, as that won't effect anything else and will keep things looking a bit tidier.

  • @FootyIndexScout I have now started to implement the IPD's section & have a few questions if you wouldn't mind helping me out?

    1. The IPD tracker isn't linked to any other section i.e Portfolio/Analysis so my returns or analysis don't add up, is there any way round this?
    2. There is nothing in the Trading tracker or do i just add the total amount of IPD's earned into Buzz Dividend wins
      Sorry to be a pain

  • @Uncle-G Hi mate, When we added in the IPD tracking, we wanted it to be flexible in how people would use it - for instance some only use it for the IPD tracking - so didn't want to force people to use everything to make it work. And because this section is fluid with the players listed in that section, it makes it tricky to automatically keep track of them, which is why there is no link to the Portfolio sheets.

    We will probably look to add this in a future update, even if it means manually entering and updating an amount now that IPD's are becoming much more important.

    Yes, I see no reason why you couldn't add them into the Trading Tracker total dividends.

    No problem with the questions!

  • Thanks, i'll keep an eye out for update

  • Tried to find an old Spreadsheet topic than start another, but does anyone know if you can download the market prices to a spreadsheet at all?

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