FigCast Ep 77 Questions - Scottish football special!

  • Hey guys, I'll be joined by Andrew Slaven, host of the totally football scottish show!

    We'll be discussing the SPFL and scottish football! He's not an FI trader, so bear that in mind when asking questions.

    Any players you want to know more about? Any potential transfers you want a low down on? Ask away!

  • I'm sure you'll get a lot of Qs about specific players and transfers in particular, so I'd be interested to hear his take on a more general one.....

    With England youngsters being all the rage at the moment, what has gone wrong with Youth Development in Scotland, and how can it be put right? Will Scotland ever produce some of the World's best footballers again, and if so, where will they come from?

    Also whilst I'm here, well done for getting another regional specialist in - have enjoyed these in the past.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Cheers mate!

  • @The-FIG
    Unknown talent. Perhaps his top picks for up and coming talent/ unknown stars in Scottish football, who could potentially make their way to the EPL or Europe?

    National Team. What does he think of their chances for Euro 2020 qualification? Players currently breaking into the national team?

  • With Man City supposedly courting Chilwell, could Kieran Tierney (3 time Scottish young player of the year) follow Brendan Rodgers to the premier league, possible LCFC, this summer? Would he be a good fit for Leicester and would he be good enough for a top 10 prem team?
    On a bigger scale, is there a path for Scottish football to keep their best players, to stop the likes of Dembele, Van dijk etc leaving? A bigger top flight for instance, could help to align the league with other top European leagues.

  • @Metropolis Hey bud! Sorry just seen this and we recorded this evening.

    He did rattle off a host of up and coming talents though so your question will be well answered I hope!

  • Scottish football is dire. I will give that a miss.

  • got to quiz him on Morales... the boy is undoubtedly a talent but a complete nutter too! Where does he see him ending up?? (other than jail)...

    Tierney is a player i held last summer due to the transfer spec with Juve but profited on him before that died down.. does he anticipate more speculation this summer and more importantly 'IS' Tierney good enough to play for one of Europe's top clubs?

    I would be tempted to re-invest if they came knocking again!!

  • ah shit!! you've already asked him haven't you!!!!!!!!


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