Selling calculations

  • Just a quick question on the easiest way to work out if selling at a profit or not.

    Currently I'm doing (as an example):
    Buy 50p, instant sell 49p.
    So sell would be 0.49*0.98= 0.4802, therefore returns 48p

    If instant sell goes upto 51p, then sell at 0.51*0.98= 0.4998, therefore 50p and even

    Am I correct?!

  • I think thats right, I am sure I read somewhere it was 2% and 1p per sale.

  • @Millerman said in Selling calculations:

    I think thats right, I am sure I read somewhere it was 2% and 1p per sale.

    Not quite, it’s 2% commission with a minimum of 1p. The original poster is correct with their calculations, however remember you don’t have to go by the “sell” price, you can sell to market at the “buy” price as long as there is a willing buyer for your shares

  • @Coleyscrooge

    Had a look at the Academy thingy it says "You may be able to cash out your Bet early by clicking “SELL” on the Shares you hold in your Portfolio (up to a maximum of 100 Shares per transaction). You are able to sell your Shares in two (2) ways (both of which we take a 2% commission fee and a minimum of 1p from each completed sale transaction):"

    I read that as 2% and 1p...hope i'm wrong as pennies look after the pounds :-) My spreadsheet cough scrap of paper will have to be modified if its a minimum of 1p if the 2% is greater than 1p, which I am guessing it is in every case?

    Be interested to know how others look at the sale format?

  • The minimum of 1p only applies if the 2% figure is a fraction of a penny.

    For example, if you sell a cheap player for 10p a share, the commission of 2% works out as 0.2p which would normally round to zero and you’d get the full 10p sell price. They can’t be having that so they put a 1p minimum in!

    It will hardly ever apply in practice.

  • @Coleyscrooge

    Got it now, its sank in - time to make the changes to my sheet - whoooo instant increase in portfolio value of 12p.....thanks gang.

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