Ruben Neves

  • Surely he's too good for Wolves, where do you think he'll end up? or do you think he'll stay if they get Europa League?

  • i think there's an argument for Wolves being too good for Wolves at the minute???

    think there's a few that can play comfortably in Champions League football, let alone Europa League??

  • at 22 years old Ruben Neves looks quality, no idea what kind of team he would suit as I havent seen enough of him. can see a few of wolves players getting poached in the summer and he will certainly be near the top of the list

  • The problem with Wolves players is that they are unlikely to move on in the near future.

    There is a real buzz around the club currently and they are on the 'up' - I can't see anyone wanting to leave until progress starts to stagnate. The club doesn't need the money and could match/better most wage offers if they had to.

  • Wolves owners make billions puts wolves up there with Elite now. Won’t sell players unless Uncle George has a better option to come in.

  • Wolves are sleeping giants. They used to be the best team in the country in the 1950s when they won the league 3 times. The owners have ambition to return the club to its glory days. In other words, they're not a selling club, but every player has his price.

  • you could call many teams sleeping giants though.

    Look how long its taken Liverpool to make 2 good challenges, with nothing in the bag. Or Spurs.

    Wolves are miles from the top 4. The owners may be rich but FFP comes into it, ans I do wonder about some of these Portuguese loan to buy deals and whats gone on behind the scenes.

    At the moment they have something good going on, but momentum can change quickly, No European football, higher wages etc elsewhere and it bursts. Good ride for the fans in the meantime.

  • and a loss last season of 57 Million

  • @Munchie63 - about £20m of that was in promotion bonuses.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 yeah, I did see that bit. A lot for a club to pay out though v revenue and gates. It wasnt meant to come across as anti Wolves. Had 2 lads from my youth team at the semi and were gutted for them. 2 up and all that.

    Wolves have brought an attacking element with them. 2nd season is the one that can catch teams out.
    I do wonder about some dodgy deals with that agent though

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