Ryan Fraser - Why The Jump?

  • Just noticed this kids pricing is jumping.....not read anything on this forum as a pump so to speak. Wondering what the reason would/will be, is he due a move in the Summer?

  • I heard Arsenal..., although not sure how true that is??

  • There was a story on Monday that he had become Arsenal's 'number one transfer target', and - as is often the way with these stories - has been gradually picked up a little more widely since.

    Sometimes difficult to predict which transfer speculation stories pick up momentum with traders themselves (traders are looking towards Summer transfer stories in general at the moment), but I think the new IPDs coming in have helped specifically with this one. Everyone knows Fraser's had a good season - behind only Sterling, Sane and Hazard in PL assists - and Bournemouth's new four games are Burnley, Brighton, Fulham and Southampton.

  • Yep Arsenal and Spurs links. Expect that to be the reason

  • He is probably on shit money and his agent is spreading rumours for a new contract.

  • I think there is a trend at the moment and it's value.
    The run up to ss and a few days after it was the big boys grabbing the money but you look at your Pogba's,Mbappe,Messi etc well their share prices stagnating.

    You only have to look at the sub £1 market and there are some big profit opportunities there.

    Look at Jota,Isak,McNeil,Guilherme,Chilwell,D James,Neres et etc.

    All are cheap and all would have made a pretty penny or two and I only hold 2 of the above sad to say.

    There are plenty of others in the 1-2 pound range also.

    Am I mistaken for thinking there is a flight to value going on?

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