Bored at work, how about a treble

  • Sorry for another post, the boredom of work is too much for me today... How about a treble? Who do we think the biggest risers will be from now until the end of the summer. 1 player up to a £1, 1 player between £1-£5 and 1 player over £5 .

    I think I'll go for;
    Up to £1 - Ramsey
    £1-£5 Wan-Bissaka
    Over £5 Sancho

    What say you? Also, anyone going Spurs tonight? If so be sure to post some pictures on here as I didn't manage to get a ticket 😭

  • Up to £1 - RODRYGO
    £1-£5 BREWSTER

  • not sure if i can be bothered to guess who rises the fastest between now and Aug.. if i knew that i would back them!!!

    As for Spurs tonight.. as a none Spurs fan (who fortunately enjoys American Football) I'm very excited about this new stadium... Not sure on the naming rights though.. 'The Spurs Stadium' will probably be something like Arena before too long but more important and impressive than that would be seeing these beer pumps in action in real life....

    So as i take it.. you put a plastic beer glass on some kind of mat and they can pump beer upwards through the glass without any leakage???? How do they get the beer through the bottom??? This all sounds too mad to be true.. some real willy wonka sh*t...

    Can't wait to see this for myself when the Buffalo Brians take on the New Jersey Eagles!!!!

  • Up to £1 isak
    £2-£5 bale
    £5 +. Salah

  • @dannypea The ones I've had before have an indent with a magnet at the bottom, push the glass down on the 'pump' the magnet lifts and the glass fills up, lift the glass away and the magnet stops the beer falling out!
    A good trick is to ask your mate to feel under his glass, half his pint falls out onto his lap ;)

  • hahahaha genius!!!!

  • Up to £1 - Oyarzabal
    £1-£5 De Jong
    Over £5 Salah

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