Frenkie De Jong?

  • What are peoples thought on him?

  • BALLER.......

  • class, I'm looking forward to seeing him at barca

  • Seriously think he'll rise a lot next year, the bloke is class. He'll be sending plenty of players for hot dogs next year

  • Absolute class! Off topic here but how do I get a referral code to give to someone?

  • He's a level above, complete baller, so composed on the ball it's ridiculous. I can see him being a Zidane type midfielder in a few years... The kids got it all at his feet!
    I also think his pb stats will improve playing for controlling team like Barca, really looking forward to watching him create magic next season.

  • @Juno click on the refer link, when you paste it, it has a number before your user name - give them this number to use and bosh you both have a tenner :-)

  • I thought the same about Arthur’s pb and he’s been pretty average at Barca. Ye are all correct in saying De Jong is a class apart though. It’s just hard to judge if a player coming from non pb leagues can generate 💰 on FI

  • Class although Van De Beek has better footballing stats i.e more goals/assists and is also class just not been linked to a top club Yet

  • think i said in another thread you take Messi out of Barcelona and they are very average indeed.. defensively poor.. Suarez past his best... Rakitic too perhaps? Coutinho under performing.. Malcolm not there yet.. Vidal not good enough... I actually think Arthur has been one of the few shining lights and he's very very highly thought of in Spain even likened to Xavi & Guardiola by some... That said the way he plays and because of who he plays for he won't pick up the PB scores.. that's not to say he's not performing???

    I think De Jong is slightly different, perhaps the man to eventually replace Rakitic, he likes to get the ball forward and play inventive passes and he'll be well suited to the Barca way.. But i do worry that his PB scores won't be as high as others, he doesn't score enough from midfield for starters and playing in a team so dominated by Messi that he won't get a play in any set plays either?

    As mentioned my opinion on him doesn't change.. But I wouldn't invest my money in him until I see him regularly performing for Barca... the one i do really like the look of however is van de Beek who reminds me of a young Roy Keane/Steven Gerrard the way he gets forward!!!

  • @dannypea Suarez still scores like a hungry man. So much talk of replacing him but he is special. Just next to Messi, like any other player-gets overshadowed

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