Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

  • Thoughts on how much he could rise once he’s back playing. Risky buy I guess but at £1.24 think he’s a bargain 🤔

  • I'm not on him but I can't see him going down anymore so it's worth a go as he's bound to rise when he's starting again

  • Worry is - Wijnaldum is already playing & he's 37p!

  • I also believe a lot of money went into him when he started back training again, personally I’d stay away until he plays a few games

  • I think he's way overpriced, if I recall correctly he's never won PB and doesn't get good PB scores. He's won media a handful of times but some of those wins were regarding his injury.

  • Absolute gamble. There's no telling how well he will recover from those injuries mentally. I was a massive fan of AOC before we lost him to injury, so I hope he comes good again. I personally won't be risking my money on him though

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