Bobby Duncan?

  • In my quest for under-priced players I was surprised to see this lad so low at £0.74.

    17 year old highly rated Liverpool academy striker (cousin of Steven Gerrard)

    Judging by his growth chart he looks to have suffered during the recent young player sell-off and hasn't recovered.

    He is 12months behind in his development due to a contract dispute after leaving the Man City academy but seems to have caught back up and is excelling in the Liverpool academy - Has been scouted by a number of top European clubs.

    With Brewster's recent rise is Bobby Duncan likely to follow a similar path?

  • @Chris-J can't see it. Think he is more likely to be a Neil Mellor than a Robbie Fowler.

  • Difficult one, he is clearly a very good young player. Highly rated and he was wanted by a lot clubs.

    I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of seasons he's on loan to Rangers playing under his cousin!

  • I had him and then lost him after continuous declines.
    He has scored many goals at youth and may be a star of the future but probably has Brewster in front of him.

    Best young striker prospect at the moment under a £1 has to be Alexander Isak and yes I do hold.

    Research recent form since February.

  • He scored again today but I think it will be another 12 months before he gets a chance on the bench in either league or FA cup games, or alternatively he gets a loan move.

    I hold and will continue to do so, however.

  • I think he's got too much ahead of him in the pecking order to break in to the first team (Woodburn, Wilson, Brewster to name a couple). Think he may be another Samed Yesil, great at youth level but doesn't quite make it.

    A good punt for a youth striker is on Isak, not in one of the topic 6 leagues but 11 goals in 8 games on loan from Dortmund. He'll either go back there to play or move (perm or loan) in the summer.

  • Decent rise today - glad I bought a few in the end

    I guess people who feel they have missed the Brewster express are buying in the hope that he is the next one.

  • @Chris-J the people who are buying Bobby Duncan must be on day release from their village. 👌

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