• Debating a further investment on Neymar as his price is appealing at present or if it's worth sticking with what I have and waiting for some transfer speculation and a return to action to catch an upward trend. Any thoughts?

  • @Frankie66 better value elsewhere IMO, particularly with end of season approaching.

  • @Hotspur Yes that's my dilemma! Also no Champ League just domestic for PSG now and with league wrapped up Neymar could start his Summer now and be fit and ready for Real Madrid next season if rumours are to be believed. His age and niggling injuries recently are also a concern. I am in a similar position with Pogba as he seems to be inconsistent and apart from MB doesn't IMO warrant the price at present.

  • Long term i see Neymar as one of the safest options

    If he stays at PSG he will continue to rack up PB wins regularly
    If he moves his price will go up (whearas if Pogba moves his price will probably go down.)
    He will be featuring in the Copa this summer
    The fact that he is not in the CL is already factored into his price unlike Messi/Pogba/Salah/ etc etc.... so no risk of a drop in relation to this.

  • @Advinculas-Index Thanks yeah of course the coppa in the Summer. So if I invested at present the same shares as I already have in effect I will reduce my share loss. Meaning better returns when the market favours him.

  • @Frankie66
    I see him as a safe option in that i dont see as much risk in his price dropping considerably as i do with Pogba (I sold my Pogba's earlier this week to market btw)
    However, as Hotspur mentioned earlier there are probably a lot more potentially lucrative deals to be made lower down the pecking order.

    Personally , if i was in your shoes, i would hold the shares you have and use your other cash to buy a few players in the £1 to £2 bracket in preparation for the summer with consideration being made to the following.

    Transfer likelihood e.g (Maguire / Koulibaly / Chilwell / Bruno Fernandez)

    England U21 Players (Euros)

    Copa America

    League of nations

    MB Generally.

    Spread the risk whilst holding your existing Neymars will hopefully see you reap the best of both worlds

  • just my opinion, but I think Neymar is one of the better investments right now as i just topped up on him myself. His price is the lowest its been for quite a while (no surprise when PSG got knocked out the CL and his injury), so there's plenty of room for it to go back up to its pre-SS position as the leading player by far.

    If he stays at PSG he gets you plenty of dividends. If he leaves (could have a lot of media attention over the summer with Madrid links) his price would probably increase even more, assuming he stays in the accredited leagues on FI.

  • @Advinculas-Index Thanks ! Sounds like a plan. Been looking at some transfer possible a and also young England players.

    Currently have

    Tammy Abraham
    Lotus Cheek
    Jayson Sancho
    Hudson Odoi
    Dwight McNeil
    Jack Clarke

    To name a few! Along with the usual suspects Neymar ,Messi, Pogba, Hazard I have a IMO a nice spread for both dividends and possible price increases. I am just going to reinvest any dividends on the younger players in my portfolio and hope they all go in the right direction in time. It was just the Neymar situation I was contemplating given the drop in the last week but I'll hang in for the Summer and see where we go.

  • Neymar is the King.

  • @Vespasian32 agreed, lots of people on here haven't witnessed him smashing PB divs week in week out... i think when he is back fit he will rocket as big money is probs off him at the moment, but ready to go back on him when fit for Brazil and next season.

  • Won £25 this morning due to him winning PB and having a G/A. Yes, he's tanked (-25p) but there'll be plenty of MB with his behaviour during the summer. It's rumoured he's changed his mind about staying in France. If that is true then there's only a few clubs that could afford him. Four of them are in the PL.

  • @Earshavewalls Copa America in Brasil during the summer

  • Not going back any further to look for Neymar topic 😂. What’s people’s opinion on his bottom line price? He’s been steadily falling for the last two months, do people think he’ll rise with start of the Copa soon?

  • @Gregolocky2018 said in Neymar:

    Not going back any further to look for Neymar topic 😂. What’s people’s opinion on his bottom line price? He’s been steadily falling for the last two months, do people think he’ll rise with start of the Copa soon?

    He's now -49p for me, but I'm expecting him to rise for the Copa and there'll be MB if it's true that he is reconsidering his stay in France. He's been slagging off the team lately.

  • SURELY he’s reached the bottom now?! I think people will go big on him towards the end of the bonus window. Safe bet, good price currently, tonne of MB, Etc etc. Biggest June riser I predict

  • @Saint-Bob He's only won MB once in 2 months. His MB form before that was 5 wins in Jan, 5 wins in Feb and 4 wins March. I think people maybe reassessing him right now. If he has a dry summer he could be a bargin at the start of the new season.

  • no chance of PB today either as suspended

  • @Misto MB has never been his game, he's a PB man. I've had him 3 months and he's only played 3 times in that period. He won FWD Divs and came 3rd twice in games that he didnt give a shit about before his suspension. Excited to see what kind of hold he is during a regular season, especially as Mbappe has stole lots of limelight from him now.

  • @BarbayanBrawler MB is half his FI game. Why is was/is such a good hold. I did hold and am looking for a good point to get back in.

  • @Misto really?? i bought thinking Pogba was MB king but Neymar was the PB man. And tbh i think Neymar has won me very few MB divs but in rare appearances since March has won/challenged PB every time. Hence why I will continue to hold for PB in the new season. FW category isnt the most difficult to win, especially with his game.

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