• How did Delph get star player PI buzz? - no goals , no assists, no clean sheet, no shots ! Can we see a breakdown of his PI score somewhere ?

  • Although he plays as a defender he's classed as a midfielder so clean sheet irrelevant. However whoscored match centre shows you the players stats, he made 96 passes at 92.7% accuracy (89pts alone) plus 6 tackles, a couple clearances and a couple interceptions, I'm assuming a couple may have been 'last man actions' which are 17pts each. Hope that helps!

    I'm annoyed with Pep, couldn't he just have waited for KDB to make 3 more passes before taking him off :-D But also Aguero, got flagged offside with about 30 seconds to go so also cost him star player - although I'm not sure his goal should have counted as GWG so won't complain too loudly but I would if I owned Andy Carroll.....

  • Small margins. Yes that helps thanks for the info. Andy Carroll seems surprisingly low scoring for a brace !

  • @NewUser108933 Including GWG, yeah very low baseline, he's not really involved in the game generally plus with his tendency to make fouls and get caught offide each -5 a time he like many strikers need 2-3 goals to have a shout at PB compared to others who just need 1 goal due to their general performace - number of fouls they draw, passes etc.

  • @NewUser78072 where can I find out the PI breakdown like you mentioned a few there
    Many thanks

  • @NewUser111702 Here's the link to how the scoring works -
    I took his stats from whoscored which I hope are the same as Optas :-D

  • @NewUser78072 thanks 👍👍

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