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  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could let me know if my Initial buys are any good or not? I've bought Stones, Jota, De Bruyne and Neves. I've bought stones and De Bruyne as they have recently returned from injury and to me, look cheap. I bought Jota and Neves because of Wolves being how they are and again think they look cheap. If you wouldn't have gone for these, please tell me why so I can understand where I may be going wrong, thanks all I'm advance.

  • I have bought de Bruyne and he was close to Star Man last night admittedly against poor opposition. I looked at Stones but already have Laporte who was top defender last night.

    Both Wolves players are solid buys but not sure if they qualify for media. Are they in top 200? If they get to the Cup Final and both do well then there could well be transfer links for them both although Wolves clearly don't need the money.

  • Not a bad set of players but at this moment i'd recommend thinking about summer transfer speculation which I can't see any of your players getting.

    Only media magnet players or those with strong transfer links will really see any positive movement during the early/mid summer before the build up to the new season starts. Icardi/Bale/James Rodriguez are some obvious mid-range choices but most importantly think of players linked with big PL clubs as these will grab the big headlines.

  • Im new as well, just over a month on here. my port is largely made up of young players with potential, mostly but not entirely, from non PB leagues. Ive researched them though and all have been linked with moves to the PL. Because I haven't been on here during a transfer window I don't know what exactly the effect will be if one or more of my players gets a big(ish) move. As a point of reference, could anyone tell me what happened to say Ousmane dembeles shareprice in the aftermath of hismove to barca?

    Im not expecting any of them to go for £140 mil or whatever it was, but just trying to get in the picture

  • thinking about it now, dembele is probably not the best example, although i dohold players like isak, de ligt and rodrygo all of whom could be heading to la liga for big money.

    for the bulk of my port a better example might be somebody like almiron at newcastle, or lucas moura,


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