The Return of the Mystery Shares Lister?

  • Observing the activity on Messrs. Pogba and Neymar today are we witnessing the return of the mystery share lister, driving prices down for others to then pick up the lower pricing and then de-listing?

  • Definitely... The drops from 8.20 to sub 8 were so rapid... And then people start to IS pushing it down even more. Hopefully the people doing it start buying back soon and then remove their shares from sell queue.... Those two have cost me over £300 so far this week in losses.

    No reason for it... Neymar back in training... Pogba ready to rinse the summer MB - I expect he will win more MB than anyone, maybe run close by Sancho.

  • @Vespasian32.....and Neymar’s rapid return back to 8.15.

    Don’t buy it guys, hold firm, all will be well!

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