Yet Another IPD Question

  • Because there is no search field to be able to keep to one thread, I thought before I go into a 3 hour meeting at work - I would light the blue touch paper and run.

    Anyone else still waiting out on payments, have payments that are incorrect and or waiting on e-mails to be answered by the very busy customer service team?

    For me I'm just 3 payments incorrect - and can't really give an example to the customer service team other than, its wrong and list which payments I should have because they are just In-Play Dividends and I have no break down e-mails (never had any, even though I have clicked to receive them).

    It's not a massive issue for me at the moment as I have invested less than a grand, but after settling my divorce and having a much better settlement in my favor than I thought - its burning a hole in my pocket, but I want to ensure the simple little things are fixed quickly and customer service comms are what I would expect from a company having quite a lot of my cash.


  • @Millerman Hope all goes well in the meeting. The weekly IPD dividends from past week have been paid out yesterday morning.
    From Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday yesterday, the IPD Will be paid out end of today due to technical issue.
    From now I expect the in play dividends to now follow the new next day layout structure.
    Keep it easy and don't invest anything you can't risk.

  • I got my 1st email with div breakdown today for the last week and been on here a couple months plus still waiting for the last 2 days ipd's to be paid. Some parts of the platform are fucked and takes an age to sort out but I'm sure they're doing their best so just try to keep tabs on your ipd's due and they should pay you out.

  • @Millerman As @Clover said, apart from Monday's, they were correctly paid out just after midnight as promised, Tuesday's and Wednesday's hopefully tonight, god knows what that'll do about tonight's games 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Had an e-mail advising me that my e-mails will have gone into spam - well they have not, as I don't have any in there.

    They will send me a breakdown of what they have paid out on and have advised to let them know what I am missing.

    So more than happy with the outcome, I am a great believer in only understanding a company and if they deserve your custom when things don't really go to do they recover the situation???

    It's a thumbs up from me so far, so as long as they fix the e-mail situation and send me my breakdown I will be happy and sink some more cash in.

    Happy with what I have seen at the moment to be honest, I am in for a long term investment and not a quick turnaround of cash - so I will moan and groan but its not the end of the world for me.

  • As someone who believes in the product and really wants it to do well, I find all these constant technical issues really frustrating.

    I go an IPD payment on Wednesday which I presume is the last weekly one. But I don't know for sure because I haven't received the emailed breakdown, which has always been a lottery whether i receive it or not since the IPDs started.

    Who knows what's going on with the daily payments.

    They're lucky they don't have any competition. Can you imagine a traditional bookie having all these issues.

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