Portfolio Advice & Summer Strategy?

  • 🗣 Thoughts on my portfolio and tips for the Summer?

    Joined FI in October with £50 and after much trial and error, and getting to grips with the platform, I was at a 5% loss 📉. Fast forward 6 months and I've deposited a total of £100 with a 25% profit 📈. The FB group and FI forum have been a great way to learn, research and better understand the platform.

    Currently there are 9 players in my portfolio. The first 6 are medium to long-term holds including a mix of MB, PB, youth and transfer speculation players. The bottom 3 are current IPD experiments, bought for the 30 days throughout this month. Kostic and Suarez have already returned 3 goals after 1 game, but Xhaka did not play. Once sold, my balance would have £19-20 to spend at the end of the month. So overall, I've got a mixed strategy.

    Due to starting in October, I haven't experienced the Summer break in FI. I see recommendations to put money in MB & transfer speculation players. I'm wondering should I sell any of my players and reinvest in other players for the Summer, and if so, who should I sell?

    I would also appreciate any advice in general regarding my portfolio!


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