No. of shares available per player

  • I'm no expert in stocks and shares but am I right in thinking that when a company is floated on the LSE, we are notified of the total number of shares available and their IPO?

    So, when any player is listed on FI, is this the same?

    What got me thinking about this was that I've just seen some panic selling of 10 Salah shares at the instant sell price. These 10 shares were sold back to FI. Do they now add to a total number of shares that are available from FI and how many are left?
    Or is it all theoretical and FI just sell as many shares as are requested from buyers?

    I mean, if there was a set number issued per player, I imagine Neymar and Pogba would have sold out a while ago. If order books come in, this scenario would then play into the hands of those selling to market, able to dictate their own price more.

    Any thought, opinions or feedback? 👍

  • FI sell as many shares as there is demand for if none in the sell queue.

  • @Zidave said in No. of shares available per player:

    FI sell as many shares as there is demand for if none in the sell queue.

    This is the case and is often overlooked when people question how FI make money when they have to pay out a lot on dividends. For example CHO is flying now, I doubt there are many people selling any so they are pretty much all new shares at over £5 a pop. I know it isn't an exact science but 900 shares at a fiver is £4,500 pure profit for FI. He's gone up about 30p in the last 12 hours or so comfortably north of £125,000 for FI if my maths is correct, which it probably isn't.

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