IPD Winners

  • Without Scrolling through scores etc is there an easier way to find out who won IPD's for you?

  • if there is, I'd like to know - I've just had to research IPD's for the weekend and noticed FI have not paid me for one player and under paid me for another!

  • they sometimes send out emails with a breakdown on it, would be nice if they did it ALL the time

  • I emailed them today asking for my IPD breakdowns. I've not had any for 4 weeks.

  • Ive only been on a couple months but seem to get the breakdowns every week.

  • Seems very sporadic at the minute, had my first email yesterday with a breakdown of last week of march but on my account it just shows the entire figure being payed in on 3rd April, then this morning in my account i have an entire break down of each in play dividend for wednesday & thursday, if this could happen every time would make it much easier to keep track

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