Kingsley Coman

  • Havent seen much of this lad but heard great things... his stats are nothing to shout about but surely too much talent to not be a first team regular? lots of competition for france but just how good can he be?

  • he's won 2 french league titles the serie a title and three bundesligas and has already one of the most decorated trophy cabinets in European football aged 22... But when i see him play I don't get it????

    Still yet to fulfil his potential I'm just waiting for him to step up to the next level but in all seriousness, I don't think he's that good despite his pedigree and despite what he's already won as a bit part player????

  • @NewUser297399

    There is no doubting the talent.

    The major issue lies with his fitness. He is injury prone and has missed far too much football at such a young age.

    If he proves his fitness over the course of a full season, I would reconsider my position, but at the moment he is far too risky for investment.

    For that reason, I'm out. 😉

  • just seems nuts hes 96p haha

  • @NewUser297399 it's a lot down to the fact that he publicly said recently that if he get another serious injury he'll retire. If so that's goodbye to your money.

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