People are far to reactive on here

  • I cannot believe people are offloading Sterling in the rate they are, I am half tempted to watch the drop and then pile more money into him. He wasn't played against Cardiff simply to rest him and get him ready for bigger games. Yet people have sold him in bulk. He has one good game in another PL or CL match, his value flies back up and he probably wins media dividend like he always does. People have gone mad. He is definitely a long term hold, especially with nations league coming up!

  • cool story bro !

  • @nicky540 and you are?

  • I think some of it is to release funds for today's hot picks. Seems people are piling into Isak, Brewster and CHO. I agree he is a long hold and top up opportunists are worth taking

  • Relax it's the same after every rise and probably some taking out to hump on CHO and Brewster like you said they will be putting it back in to Stirling after 1 good game so don't worry too much. I don't hold but I'm sure he's a good thing for those that do

  • Hes boring, bad for media. People see better youth options.

  • @NeverWin Can you please suggest some other better options?

  • @NeverWin bad for media? I want what you're on

  • @NeverWin is off his troll-ey.

  • Keep over-reacting, loving the 74.17% overall ROI on CHO.

    Chooooo Chooooo all aboard the over-reaction train.

  • @Millerman change train... Get in at the bottom of the brewster express

  • @Millerman Ya that's the thing ,these people are like robots. You have to change with the times. Sterling ain't popular. He needs goals just to maintain his price :). New customers can buy youths easier. It will take a while before top guys start rising again. Choi is the exception seems.

    The 3x split instead of 4x made top end of market pretty expensive for new customers still. It will take a while before top end booms i think.

  • @Vespasian32 if he was ten bob less I would - Im going to ride this bad boy for as long as I can - even if I have to take 60% ROI I will see what happens.

    I have actually jumped on Ryan Fraser, will be happy with a 30% ROI in him, he's showing 19.05% at the moment for me, he's my current 'hope'

    Along with Ben Godfrey and James Justin (both these 2 I have promised myself not to touch until a few weeks before the 3 years is up).

  • @JH Its just a chance to top up .....

  • Same people piling into Isak this morning are withdrawing just as quick, happy with their tenner profit or something.

    What a life they must live.

  • Isak is defo one to hold and top up on. Cho was up and down for ages

  • @BlayneB Payday needed!

  • People are too reactive but that’s because FI is full of impatient gamblers who are constantly looking for the next big things. Always has been, always will buzz. Use it to your advantage.

  • @playingcards1 Because no one cares about some crap 5 to 10% dividend a year, when there is such big price movements. Dividends are too low to keep money in alot those high end players.

  • @NeverWin Pogba is my Portfolio dog at the moment but not yet low enough to bale on. Needs a couple of good performances as goals and assists have dried up and relying on media divs wont cut it.

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