am i getting carried away with research?

  • Been on here just over a month and getting more and more into it but in the last hour ive convinced myself that i need to lump on sebastien driussi, a 23 year old argentinian forward at zenit who gets goals and assists, currently at 20p/future. there are others who i have invested in who at least have links to prem clubs but ive just given my head a shake as i was about to buy 500 shares in this lad. what would some more experienced traders reckon to this sort of player?

  • Yes mate, I'm afraid you are. You may be going along the right lines that the fact he scores and assists(I don't really know enough about him) but he isn't in a league where he can win performance points i.e. star player, best forward so unless he moves to one of the 6 top leagues in Europe, or gets linked to them. He price will not rise and you will not get any dividends in return. So really it would be dead money. Reserach is always good mate! put your time into it and you could find some gold and go big on them before they hit their big jump. But focus on the top 6 leagues mate

  • cheers bud, he was linked with sampdoria last year but knocked them back cos he had a baby due, no consideration! I sort of learned my lesson yesterday. one of my fairly long shots Victor Tsygankov at dynamo kyiv got an assist and two goals in a 3-2 win, i thought i was going to make a killing but he only rose 1p! on the plus side apparently spurs are interested,

    Thanks again

  • @NewUser278289 depends on ur strategy & if ur in for 'long term'
    I'm 6 months in & doing v well BUT made lots mistakes in my first month
    As has already been advised keep looking for 'gems' BUT remember if FI 'platform' doesn't value the player sometimes it's dead money...especially if not in a PB league......also you may find more guys will reply to you if you give urself a 'username' then u appear more serious on here 👍

  • If ur in for a bit of a bargain hunt.... 500 shares in Runarsson wouldn't hurt. Now Dijon first choice Gk, but is trading at 13p. Also breaking in as Iceland International.

    With the recent hike in IPD payouts I think GK will find a new biting point in the market... With a good rise in their base price. A first team GK in Ligue 1 should not be 13p...i think 20p will be a minimum once next season is underway and the market settles again into looking at ROI opportunities on real dividend returns. At 13p 500 shares will set you back a poultry £65. With £5 for every clean sheet in the next month. Plus what I think is scope for at least 7p capital appreciation... Maybe more. That would be another £35... Taking your initial outlay of £65 to be £100+

    I do hold, so this is a pump... But I bought 500 on the same basis as above... So i put my money where my mouth is.

  • @Vespasian32 he’s got 8 games as a ligue 1 player cause Dijon are goners

  • @Gregolocky2018 well it wouldn't be the best pump if I mentioned that! Two, of the next 30 day fixtures, are at home tho... So for an IPD flip it's still good opportunity

  • i would say in general, any player not playing in a PB league is basically a gamble... so do you invest your money on something you believe in will grow over time... or do you gamble it on something that you hope will come good?

    A simple philosophy is buying the best players in each team.. having a strategy that covers all bases, not just on the back of 'if they get a move they'll come good'..

    Mixing your portfolio is also essential... its ok to have 10% of it for example on good young none PB league talent that can grow if they get that move but these are riskier than others... have larger percentages in MB players.. larger percentages in PB players... then those for capital growth?? then perhaps look at who you think is the next best thing and spread that risk so you don't get burnt by any bad or unlucky judgement!!!

  • Noted @Friedeggs , cheers. Im already making a decent profit but made a few mistakes, biggest being cashing in on moise kean post ss, albeit at a really good profit.

    @Vespasian32 ill have a butchers. my heart skipped a beat on day 1 when i saw the price of de gea by comparison to neymar etc, then i saw courtois and gathered that GK's just dont scale the same heights, if that was to suddenly change there would be fortunes tobe made

  • @MickTurbo as has been pointed out he is actually fairly certain to be relegated. So prob avoid... It was a shameless pump... Check before u buy, its good value for a Gk today... But ud have to flip him pretty quick and hope he got a couple cleansheet in the next 30 days to cover the IS and commission.

  • cheers @dannypea

    If were all just having a goodpumpthen here goes, Victor Osimhen, Fedor Chalov, Lee Kangin

  • haha cant fault ya @Vespasian32 ive seen absolutely loads of it going on already

  • @MickTurbo

    I'd say it's a sound strategy.

    Look at how many players came from the Russian/Ukrainian league and are now playing regularly in PB eligible leagues.

    Bernard, Fernandinho, Willian, Douglas Costa ... I'm sure there are many many more.

    It's a proving ground. If you can cut it there, then I'd suggest you can handle the European top leagues.

    It might take a while to pay off, and of course it's a risk. But the potential upsides outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

    If he ends up in the EPL, I'm confident he doubles in price.

  • thats exactly my thinking, i havent got a port full of complete unknowns, i look for players who are linked to the bigger leagues. id be very lucky if all of them came off but very unlucky if none did, for example Osimhen is linked to AC Milan.

    Its a short term strategy for the time being and i completely take on board what people have said about the big PB players.

  • @MickTurbo

    I went for around 500 shares of Lee Jae-Sung at 30p per share, thinking "after the share split, I'll have 1500 shares, if he goes up 1p, that's £15 and he could go up £2 if he transfers to a decent club. He did get in EA's TOTS last year... so not a bad player. He plays with Son, from Spurs in his national side, so there was a chance at the Asian cup, that he'd get spotted but he went out injured.

    After 2 months, I got bored, he'd dropped 5p and I just didn't have the patience. Plus, I was sat there thinking... I could have put that money on players who were more likely to rise. So, I sold him off.

    I guess what I'm asking is... do you have patience to wait a year or two for your results?


    Are there players that aren't going to need that much time, so could give you faster rises?

    I mean, you could easily still get the drop on most of the market, if a player like that gets some transfer interest and you keep monitoring him.

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