Profiting from relegated players

  • My article below lays out how the Index usually reacts the relegated players and offer some potential suggestions as to which ones may be big summer targets!

    Does anyone own any of them? 🤔

    Relegation Revenue

  • Mitrovic? Not a big summer target. But may get picked up and stay in prem

  • I own a lot of these. Mainly Sessegnon, Billing and then the Villerreal and Celta Vigo players. Also Bennacer after his game against Napoli last night. Big tallent!

  • I've got Marcus Thurham 100% leaving Guingamp

  • @Comrade yeah he looks a real tallent as well, could easily end up in the Prem I imagine!

  • @JH yeah I forgot about him to be honest! Can’t see him going top 6 but he’d be perfect at the likes of West Ham/Everton. Could get a rise from that

  • Sessegnon. I think he will end up at one of the big boys.

    I think Cardiff are doomed, Camarasa linked with spurs today.
    Mitrovic linked with West Ham today as well.

  • @SamVee fair shouts them mate. I agree with Mitrovic now it’s been brought up tbf didn’t think of him before. Can definitely see him somewhere like West Ham, which might be okay for his price at the moment since they do seem to be improving somewhat. Might look at him once I have some funds

  • Interesting article thanks

  • @Jad1982 thanks mate! You got any of them or got any in mind?

  • @NewUser5842 I have 75 each of sessegnon and fornals and while I think sessegnon is nailed on to rise big in next season if he can get a move to decent prem side and have hope of fornals coming to prem in the summer and will be looking at a few more players in relegation battles. Its a strategy I haven't tried but see the value in it so thanks for the tip

  • @SamVee think personally Sessegnon has went off the boil, granted he ripped up the Championship but has been poor this year for Fulham. Can he handle the step up? Has been linked to Spurs etc last year, dont think the top 6 will look at him. Move to the likes of Everton / Newcastle / West Ham seem more his level

  • @Jad1982 no problem mate, It got quite a lot of action last year as a strategy and there were probably half the number of traders then! yeah I’m hoping at least one of Villerreal and Celta Vigo go down and it should definitely give some bargain opportunities but the likes of Fornals and Chukwueze wayyyy to good for that Villerreal side now and both players having €40m release clauses.

  • Think camarasa is a good hold. Looked a very good player this season can see him joining a top 10 side next season. Sessegnon potentially although he’s been poor this season when I’ve seen him

  • Will be interesting to see if there is any interest in Alfie Mawson from any prem clubs. I bought in the summer with talks of decent prem clubs looking at him and being in and around the England squad. He's been injured pretty much all season so unsure as to whether anyone will want to take a punt on him.

  • Can't see Seri playing in the championship. Plenty of takers surely

  • @NewUser731 yeah he’s another one tbf! Got a lot of interest last season when Swansea went down, price rose a lot off the back of it but then ended up at Fulham, could be a rinse and repeat job!

  • @PaulR definitely agree, very cheap punt as well tbf. Only worry is him going back to France or something but even there if he goes to a CL/EL team there’s still potential value at his current price I’d say

  • @Stewarty depends what Fulham want for him? He’s got the potential, he’s just playing in a really bad team. I could see him doing well with a Leicester or a Watford. I still Spurs will be sniffing around though

  • @SamVee you boys could be right and he could end up at lower than top6 side, but tbf a lot of the time on here it’s the actual links the will get you the rise to make profit off, not the final move. United and spurs links this week and he’s up 15%!

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