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  • Hey all, I have been slowly building my portfolio and I'm quite happy with how it stands atm I don't have a large amount invested and my portfolio is mostly inexpensive players so I rely on cap appreciation and the odd PB or IPD for my profits. The only "expensive players" I hold are Sterling and Rashford. However I have got £150 that I want to pump into FI and I think I want to target the higher end of the market and maybe go for some MB players over the summer. I'm considering topping up on Sterling due to his dip in price but other than him and the obvious choice of Pogba any other recommendations?

  • @TraderJ depends on what your looking for - a long term slow burner or a couple of weeks 15% ROI type player.

    Long term, I don't think any of the top 20 players wouldn't do much harm, a quick burn and I have been watching him and his price has dropped over the last week and with PSG run in, I think you could quickly earn some coin on Angel di Marie (spelling)

    disclaimer I have been watching for months and have invested over the last couple of weeks - so i'm no expert......but that's what I would be thinking over with a ton and a half.

    Good luck and keep this thread updated with the journey, I'm very keen to see how people go with advice for all us 'experts' and if it works or not.

  • @Millerman thanks pal, will definitely keep you updated. Gonna see if any more players get suggested on here then mull other my options and take the plunge this evening when I'm home from work Haha

  • @TraderJ As per the below, depends very much on your strategy. To add to the IPD idea. Milik at Napoli is in great form and has plenty of games to come.

    A more long term strategy is grab a summer transfer. Ndombele, Icardi, Bruno Fernandes, Fekir. All of these , you could buy a decent amount of shares in for 150 and take the MB divs plus cap App.
    Good luck with it.

  • I personally think there's a lot of value in Salah at the moment compared to the other big name players. As soon as a goal goes in for him, I expect his price to shoot up and hopefully some media dividend returns, especially if they get far in the champions league/win the league.

  • Sounds like you're in a similar position to me, even though I've only been on here a few weeks. But I'd say the best investment in my humble opinion if you want a safe but decent return over the following couple months is to go for the young European players who are very likely to get a big move in the summer. I've just invested £50 in David Neres, and I'd say De Ligt, Fekir, Joao Felix and Daniel James are all pretty safe but potentially quite lucrative investments. Just my pretty worthless opinion though!

  • @NewUser309471 I do already hold Felix and he is flying, up over £1 from where I bought him and I fold 50 so he's bringing back a tidy return so far. The other guys are definitely on my radar as well. Decisions decisions....

  • If I were you I would be lumping into milot Rashica at werder bremen. Listed as a midfielder on here but plays up front (check his goal scoring record out)

    Also has won dividends and will get more attention when Kosovo play England.

    He is only going one way and at his price you can prob afford 200 with your money

  • @NewUser36408 I already have a decent position in this guy :) totally agree with everything you say about him. May well top up with a few. Most of my players are cheaper "prospects" which seems to be serving well so far but feel like with the summer coming up getting involved with some of the bigger players might be the right move

  • Bale, Coutinho and Hazard are all players who are going to have transfer talk and potential big moves over Summer.
    Salah, in my opinion is only going to go one way, once he starts scoring again.
    Milic, Jovic, Haller and Felix are also players potentially making a big transfer this Summer.
    I do hold all, so have backed with my own money!

  • Coutinho, CHO, Bale and Hazard are 4 that will all be high profile possible movers, the likes of jovic, partey etc will prob move but not get the same level of coverage

  • What are peoples thoughts on Mbappe? Seems under priced to me considering what a talent he is. Only 20 years old as well and probably going to get a move to Madrid in the future

  • @TraderJ said in £150 advice:

    What are peoples thoughts on Mbappe? Seems underpriced to me considering what a talent he is. Only 20 years old as well and probably going to get a move to Madrid in the future

    He seems to be one of those players who doesn't favour how the Index works in comparison to how good he is. Maybe it's because he's so quiet and uncontroversial off the pitch, so he gets very little media buzz. Realistically a move to Madrid is probably a year or two away at least as well. I'm sure his price will slowly increase through general Cap App but I think there's definitely much more profitable players to invest in.

  • For those interested I decided to top up on Sterling as I have faith he'll come good again with plenty of big fixtures coming up for him and the nations cup in the summer. Then I split the rest between Hazard and Bruno Fernades on the basis that I hope they will both generate some decent MB returns amid transfer spec and Hazard may also get some PB/IPD over the next month as well. Thoughts?

  • Sterling was a good choice, I would have flipped a coin between him and probably Messi, due to both being able to put in the performances and potentially getting a hell of a lot of media coverage depending how the season ends.

  • Kane... if Spurs miss out on top 4!

  • @APH I mulled this over long and hard Haha. But decided to go for Hazard, I would still like to invest in Kane at some point as well as I think there is plenty of upside but that will have to wait until the next cash injection I think

  • @APH desperate for us to miss out lol

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